Full Moon conjunct Regulus, Zero Virgo

February 19th 2019: Full Moon conjunct Regulus, Zero Virgo. This is the fourth of five full moons at zero degrees.

The Virgo Full Moon and Sun Zero Pisces are aspecting Chiron opposite Hekate at Zero Aries/Libra, and Uranus opposite Athena at 29° Aries/Libra. In March and April there will be full moons at Zero and 29° degrees of Libra, resetting the lunar cycle back to the natural progression of signs since the disruption caused by the solar eclipse in August 2017, which was the second of two new moons in the sign of Leo.


Forming trines and sextiles with the full moon axis, Uranus has been joined in a long-term opposition from Athena, who is stationing retrograde and motionless at 29° Libra. Uranus at the final 29th degree of Aries- the anaretic degree holds the condensed energy of the entire sign, with the urgency and imperative to accomplish the sign’s mission.  In Aries, this mission is individuation, realizing the Self through mastery of one’s primal urges to fuck and to fight. Athena on the anaretic degree of Libra clarifies that our lovers and enemies are not true reflections of us, but through them we refine our understanding of who we are.


Annie Flynn – Sweet Single Poppy


Asteroid Hekate recently stationed retrograde, which extends her opposition to Chiron long-term as he crosses from Pisces to Aries, matching Athena’s lengthy opposition to Uranus as he crosses from Aries to Taurus.

Chiron at the spring equinox point is about stepping up and starting over; Hekate retrograde at the fall equinox point helps us recover crucial parts of ourselves that we sacrificed for survival. The long-term opposition between Hekate and Chiron is a breakthrough opportunity to access the psychic powers hidden within our depression, to honor the container that kept us safe when we were in pain, and expand into previously unsuspected depths and broader dimensions.


Lisa Lindsay LaRose


Fixed star Regulus, the Heart of the Lion constellation, shifted from Leo to Virgo in 2011, the only major fixed star sign change we will experience in our lifetime.***  That was the end of a two thousand year era of the Lion Heart being a symbol of crusading kings.  Now the Lion Heart is in the mutable earth sign, the home of the Eleusinian mysteries, the sign of the Priestess. No longer radiating in every possible direction indiscriminately, the energies of the Lion Heart are now focused and calm, a ritual, intentional.

Under the Virgo Full Moon conjunct Regulus, I am expanding into a safe place that belongs to me, and getting my sacred tools out of storage to create altar space for the first time in many, many years.  Simply putting all of these objects all in one place, even just on some bare shelves, has flooded both my memory and my sense of the future in ways I was truly not expecting. I am retrieving the things I left behind before I was traumatized, and integrating everything of value I’ve gained since then, and seeing how the path that led me from there to here is suddenly making a whole new level of sense.

See the photos: Starting to set up my altar

***Correction: Scheat, currently 29° Pisces, enters Aries in 2044


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