The Sovereign Queen Rises

On January 31st, Venus enters the shadow period of her next retrograde, which will cross from Aries back into Pisces, and begin a new Aries cycle of Venus.  We are at the final stages of the Leo cycle of Venus that began during Venus retrograde in Leo during July and August of 2015. During Venus […]

Aquarius New Moon – and – Lioness Crowned

We are approaching the end of the Leo cycle of Venus, with the seventh and final Moon-Venus conjunction representing Inanna’s ascent through the Crown chakra, crowning the Sovereign Lioness. This completes the journey that began in August of 2015 with the inferior solar conjunction of Venus, and peaked during June of 2016 with the superior […]

Full Moon in Cancer – Bear Magic

My daughter is now six and a half years old, and we have recently discovered the Disney/Pixar movie, Brave.  I encourage everyone, whether you have seen it already or not, to seek this movie out to watch during the Full Moon in Cancer.   It is a stunning meditation on boundaries, Bear Magic, mothers, heritage […]