Scorpio Full Moon Opposite Sedna

May 18th 2019: Full Moon 27° Scorpio opposite Sun conjunct Sedna 27° Taurus, the natural culmination of the lunar cycle that began with the Scorpio New Moon of November 2017, which was also exactly opposite Sedna. Read more with Planetary Clarity: In November of 2017 my entire life had been destroyed. Ripped away from my […]

Lilith in Pisces

May 3rd 2019: Lilith, the mean lunar apogee, enters Pisces. For the rest of 2019 the Moon will be furthest from Earth in Neptune’s realm of dark subconscious waters and glittering illusions, altered states and rapture. Tarot Clarity – Lilith in Pisces – Three of Swords The Tarot Clarity Gallery: Lilith in Pisces Lilith unifies […]

Tarot Clarity – Pluto, Saturn, and Persephone

Announcing the Tarot Clarity website launch ♡ Featuring my astrology/tarot project, a semiotic meditation on solar system transits through the signs of the zodiac; galleries of iconic images inspired by astrology for meditation, alignment, and illumination; my mission statement; a brief autobiography; and a menu of intuitive reports for those who feel called to […]