Moon Conjunct Venus in Leo -and- The Heart Chakra

June 16th 2018: Three days after the New Moon in Gemini, the Moon meets Venus for the fourth time since she has risen as the evening star, representing Inanna ascending through the Heart chakra gate on her way out of the Underworld.  As Venus rises into the evening sky we declare our intention to fully open […]

Gemini New Moon Sesquiquadrate Mars

June 13th 2018, Gemini New Moon Sesquiquadrate Mars Stationing Retrograde Conjunct The South Node At 22° Gemini, the Sun and Moon’s only aspect is a Sesquiquadrate to Mars and the mean lunar south node at 8° Aquarius, with an orb of less than half a degree. A semisquare is 45°, a square is 90°, and […]