Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – No Fate But What We Make

January 31st 2018: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo, completing an extraordinary lunar cycle that began with two Leo New Moons last fall (the second of which was the August 21st solar eclipse).  This lunar eclipse is being widely regarded as a supermoon, despite the fact that the previous full moon was closer to perigee, […]

Jupiter conjunct Psyche, opposite Isis

January 29th 2018: The first exact conjunction of Jupiter and asteroid Psyche 21° Scorpio, opposite asteroid Isis 21° Taurus. At the moment that Psyche falls into perfect alignment with Jupiter, the Moon is 19° Cancer exact opposite Pluto 19° Capricorn. Jupiter and Psyche are separating from their first sextile to Pluto, their planetary ruler- but […]

Capricorn Shitstorm Tarot

January 16th 2017:  The Capricorn New Moon. Planetary Clarity – Tarot Clarity Capricorn Shitstorm Tarot Astrology by Dia Holly Hemlock.   I’ll start with asteroid Prometheus stationed retrograde in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces… click there to read all about the astrology of Prometheus and Chiron. Prometheus in Virgo: Ten of Pentacles At the end of […]

Prometheus and Chiron

January 14th, 2018:  Asteroid Prometheus stations retrograde opposite Chiron, beginning a cycle of dramatic poetry in the sky depicting the myth of Prometheus bound in chains, and liberated by the sacrifice of Chiron when the opposition finally becomes exact seven months from now.

Sun, Venus, and Pluto: Dying To Be Reborn

This week’s sky features energies concentrated to maximum intensity. 190-proof Everclear Astrology.  The superior solar conjunction of Venus aligns with Pluto in Capricorn, forming a sextile to Mars, Jupiter, and asteroid Psyche in Scorpio.  Both triple conjunctions form hard aspects to Ceres conjunct the north node in Leo.  Between January 4th and 9th, these points […]