Sekhmet and Neptune

On May 24th 2017, asteroid Sekhmet exacts conjunction to Neptune at 14° Pisces, completing a bizarre orbital dance that began in January 2015… but the story of Sekhmet and Neptune really begins with Neptune’s ingress into Pisces in 2012.

Neptune first entered Pisces for a few months in 2011 before going back into Aquarius.  On March 3rd 2012, Neptune finalized his ingress into his home sign, and the next day, March 4th, Sekhmet joined him at Zero Pisces, the throne of the subconscious.

March 2012 was a pivotal month in the process of my awakening.  In a sense, I would think of it as the beginning.  After years of merely doing asana stretches and “aligning my chakras,” that was the month I began to seek a new level of spiritual guidance through real yoga and meditation, and for the first time after many years of violent abuse, I began to return to my body.  The merging of Sekhmet and Neptune in Pisces opened the way for mystic healing and soul retrieval.  By the end of 2012 I had transformed my life, fully surrendered to the mystery, and threw myself into occult Neptune worship.  Sekhmet traveled around the zodiac in almost exactly one year and revealed herself to me in January 2013 when she was conjunct Neptune for the second time- and the Sun was exact conjunct my natal Sekhmet in Aquarius.  I feel differently about this asteroid than I do about any other, due to the way that I was chosen by this goddess, and how she has continued to reveal herself to me throughout my awakening.


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Sekhmet’s orbit is highly irregular and at times she sinks deep into the inner solar system, far closer to the Sun than Earth.  She is also at a deep tilt so she reaches extreme positive and negative declination.  The combination of these factors cause wild and erratic behavior on the zodiac- the calculus of this orbit is a mystery befitting the most ancient original goddess- warrior and protector, creator and destroyer- she defies our simple keywords and interpretations.  The complexity of Sekhmet’s orbit is beyond what I can accurately and completely explain.

As I scan through years and years of data tables, I can see Sekhmet plunge, soar, stretch, and dive around the Sun, I can see that her nodes are staccato jumping from sign to sign, I try to cross-reference data to see how close she is getting to Earth and the other inner planets… and I just can’t wrap my mind all the way around it.  Not yet.  But as I look back to 2012 and examine Sekhmet through the signs, it breaks my life into clean chapters more precisely and obviously than any other planet cycle, period.  Knowing about her distance from the Sun, her speed, and her declination adds entire worlds of information and context.

Sekhmet’s mind boggling retrogrades are separated by approximately 10-year periods where she circles the zodiac once a year without any retrogrades. During the years 2012, 2013, and 2014, she made three complete circuits- with wildly varying speed(as perceived by us on Earth).  The following table shows the number of days that Sekhmet spent in each sign during this time.

Notice that in 2014, she raced through the signs Gemini, Cancer, and Leo in a little less than a month, while the time spent in the signs Aries and Libra increased from previous years.  During all three of these years, she spent the longest amount of time in Libra and Scorpio.


On January 28th 2015, Sekhmet formed her fourth conjunction to Neptune in Pisces, and then stationed retrograde at 8° Pisces with Neptune at 6°. This was her first retrograde in ten years, and her retrograde station kept her within a 3° orb of conjunction to Neptune for over a month at the beginning of 2015.

That alone sends chills down my spine, but this is where it gets really crazy.

July 2015, Sekhmet stationed direct in Libra.

December 2015, Sekhmet stationed retrograde at 18° Capricorn, then in January 2016 she stationed direct at 10° Capricorn, transiting conjunct Pluto three times that winter.

Then, in June of 2016, she stationed retrograde again, in Aquarius.

At that point, she retrogrades backwards through the signs of Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Libra in TEN DAYS before finally stationing direct on July 14th… at 11° Virgo… Exact.  Opposite.  Neptune.  At 11° Pisces.

Sekhmet’s station direct opposite Neptune in July 2016 ended this period of zigzag raging around half the zodiac, which began in January 2015 with her station retrograde conjunct Neptune. She will now stay in direct motion for the next ten years.


Sekhmet and Neptune, May 24th 2017

Is it just meaningless coincidence that Sekhmet joined Neptune at Zero Pisces and then formed conjunction and opposition to him during her first station retrograde and her final station direct?  No, these are dancing gods.  And the mystery of this dance is deeper and greater than I can ever share.  I have no astrological interpretation of this, only awe and devotion to the deities that have beckoned me outside of my self-limiting beliefs, offered guidance through the multidimensional layers of my mindbody, and accepted my total surrender.  A person’s ability to understand a god is defined by the shape and size of the consciousness being used to carry it.


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