Mars Station Direct: Rock and Roll

August 27th 2018: Mars station direct in Capricorn.  Aspects highlighted reveal a sweet symmetry that cuts right to the heart of the magic of this moment.  The Moon is at 16 Pisces, conjunct Neptune and trine Jupiter in Scorpio. Only 24 hours after the Pisces Full Moon and Magnetic Connection Solar Storm, Mars returns to […]

Full Moon in Pisces

August 26th 2018: Full Moon in Pisces ignited by a heavyweight grand trine of the Sun with Saturn trine Uranus. Strong influence from Lilith/south node quincunx the Sun and square Uranus.  Isis/north node in Leo more subtle but significant quincunx the Pisces Moon. Saturn in Sagittarius forming three trines to Uranus in Aries was part […]

Lion’s Gate Perigee Moon Zero Leo

The Moon will transit its perigee point at Zero Leo on August 9th, opposite Mars retrograde Zero Aquarius (crossing over Lilith on the 10th and re-entering Capricorn on the 12th).  This opposition is beyond potent- the Moon is as close to the Earth as it can get, and Mars is still near as close as it can get to Earth after his recent solar opposition.  A Lion’s Gate opposition illuminating lessons about fear and anger, self-expression and self-containment, the difference between a permeable membrane and a brick wall.