The Heart Chakra: Moon, Venus, & Persephone Conjunct The Galactic Center

January 31st 2019: The Moon transits conjunct Venus and asteroid Persephone aligned with the Galactic Center, 26°-27° Sagittarius.   This is the fourth Moon-Venus conjunction since Venus has risen as the morning star, symbolizing Inanna’s descent through the fourth gate, the cleansing of the Heart chakra. The dance of the Moon and Venus represents the journey […]

Ceres and Prometheus

January 25th 2019: Ceres enters Sagittarius, joining asteroid Prometheus who made the same ingress three days earlier. Together they will be Jupiter’s companions throughout his 2019 transit in Sagittarius. In a span of about 36 hours between April 8th and April 10th, Ceres, Prometheus, and Jupiter all station retrograde together in synchronicity- Jupiter at 24° Sagittarius, Ceres and Prometheus both at 14° Sagittarius. On August 11th, Jupiter stations direct at 14° Sagittarius, precisely where Ceres and Prometheus station retrograde. 14° Sagittarius the exact degree of the Great Attractor.