Sun Conjunct Persephone in Scorpio

November 20th 2018: Asteroid Persephone aligns with the Sun at 28° Scorpio in a grand trine with Chiron in Pisces and the north node in Cancer.  The trine between Sun/Perspehone and Chiron is exact to the arc minute.  At anaretic degrees of fire signs, another grand trine overlaps: Uranus at 29° Aries, asteroid Apophis at […]

Tarot Clarity: Mercury and Venus

Since the orbits of Mercury and Venus are inside Earth’s orbit, they follow the same general cycle: 1. Rising as the morning star; 2. Going behind the Sun as seen from Earth (superior solar conjunction); 3. Rising as the evening star; 4. Retrograde, crossing between Earth and the Sun (interior solar conjunction). Outside of Earth’s orbit, every […]

Jupiter in Sagittarius

November 8th 2018: Jupiter enters Sagittarius, the sign of his rulership, meaning the sign where his essential expression meets its most conducive and supportive environment. Expansion in the realm of no limits, optimism in the realm of discovering new possibilities, confidence in the realm of the (mutable fire) individual.   At the moment that Jupiter […]

New Moon in Scorpio

November 7th 2018: The final Scorpio New Moon of Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio, less than 24 hours before his ingress into his home sign of Sagittarius.  At 15° Scorpio, this new moon takes place at the exact midpoint of fall equinox and winter solstice, a cross quarter holiday most commonly symbolized by bare skeletons, representing […]

Inanna’s Descent Begins Again: Sleep

A few minutes after midnight on November 6th, a new cycle begins with Moon conjunct Venus in Libra.   After the interior solar conjunction that brought Venus closest to Earth, she now appears in the sky before sunrise.  As the Moon crosses over Venus in the days leading up to the Scorpio New Moon, this is […]