Full Moon in Cancer: Walking Bear

January 1st 2018: The Full Moon in Cancer completes the lunar cycle that began with the previous Cancer New Moon on June 23rd 2017.  That was without a doubt the most profound New Moon of 2017. With the Sun and Moon conjunct asteroid Hekate, it was the crossroads connecting the end of the old path with […]

Sagittarius New Moon: Metal Flashing

December 17th 2017: in the final three and a half degrees of Sagittarius, the New Moon at 26° aligns with the Galactic Center 27°, Pholus and Eros at 28°, and Saturn 29°. Crossing the final degrees of Sagittarius is one of the Sun’s most important transits. Approaching winter solstice, the Sun is at its lowest […]

Ceres and the North Node

December 10th 2017, Ceres transits conjunct the mean lunar north node in Leo.  On December 16th Ceres stations retrograde, extending her conjunction to the north node through the end of January 2018.  At the moment Ceres first crosses the north node at 18° Leo, she is in perfect alignment with the third quarter moon 18° […]