Sagittarius Full Moon: Titanium

December 17th, 2017: Six months ago, the Sagittarius New Moon conjunct the Galactic Center facilitated a channel that transmitted a message to me only a few days after the most brutally humiliating defeat that I’ve ever been dealt in my adult life.  The message was the phrase “metal flashing.” “The Sagittarius New Moon is cosmic […]

Uranus in Taurus

May 15th 2018: Uranus enters Taurus.  The planet that expanded humanity’s awareness of the solar system beyond the visible planets is said to be in its fall in Taurus. It’s a difficult placement because anything transiting through the sign Uranus rules (Aquarius) will be met by a challenging square from Uranus.  Jupiter and Saturn will […]

Taurus New Moon: Capulus and Algol

May 15th 2018: New Moon at 24° Taurus conjunct fixed star Capulus, the sword of Perseus.  The transneptunian minor planet Sedna is 26° Taurus, conjunct fixed star Algol, the third eye of Medusa. The myth of Perseus beheading Medusa is usually told as a story of a brave hero defeating an evil monster.  But like […]

Uranus at 29° Aries: Emergency

This week features Uranus at the final 29th degree of Aries, the anaretic degree that holds the condensed energy of the entire sign, with the urgency and imperative to accomplish the sign’s mission.  In Aries, this mission is individuation- specifically, realizing the Self through mastery of one’s primal urges.  As Uranus crosses this powerful threshold, there are several other crucial transits that give us insight into how to do this.