Cleansing the Third Eye -and- Gemini New Moon

On the morning of May 22nd, the Moon meets Venus for the second time since she became the morning star- continuing the chakra meditation known as Inanna’s descent, by cleansing the Third Eye chakra.  The first Moon-Venus conjunction was with last month’s Taurus New Moon(read that article for an in-depth explanation of the Inanna’s Descent […]

Mercury Retrogrades 2017: Trines in Fire Signs

Throughout 2017, Mercury’s retrogrades are joining and activating the trines between Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius, and the north node in Leo.  This will bring realizations about how to disrupt the status quo in practical ways that help us grow and evolve as individuals and as a collective.  Making unexpected changes to our game plan is […]