Venus In The Dark

November 28th 2017:  Venus disappears from the morning sky, obscured by the glare of the Sun. This begins a 12-week journey of superior solar conjunction (Venus orbiting behind the far side of the Sun).  When Venus is less than ten degrees away from the Sun, she is not visible anywhere on Earth.

Limbo: Persephone in Libra

November 23rd 2017: Asteroid Persephone reaches Zero Libra, the fall equinox point.  Persephone is our guide to deep insights about trauma and wholeness, shadow and acceptance, self-care and loss. On the surface, the myth of Persephone is the myth of the seasons.  On a deeper intuitive level, it is a map for how to achieve […]

Scorpio New Moon Opposite Sedna

November 18th 2017: Scorpio New Moon opposite Sedna; Saturn trine Uranus; and Mars square Pluto. This New Moon is Jupiter’s inauguration into the sign of Scorpio, which he entered on October 10th. All of the themes I gleaned from the symmetrical glyph formed by the closest aspects at the moment of Jupiter’s ingress are now […]

Moon Conjunct Venus in Scorpio -and- The Earth Star Chakra

Shortly after midnight, in the wee hours of Friday morning, the Moon meets Venus in Scorpio for the 8th time since Venus rose as the morning star in Aries.  There are usually seven Moon-Venus conjunctions between Sun-Venus conjunctions, corresponding to the seven personal chakras. After the inferior solar conjunction during Venus retrograde, the Moon-Venus conjunctions occur […]

Athena Retrograde in Aries

November 15th 2017: Asteroid Athena re-enters Aries after stationing retrograde in Taurus on September 11th. Athena is the third largest body in the main asteroid belt and was considered a planet for over 40 years after its discovery in the 19th century. The goddess of wisdom in the sign of the Ram embodies strategies for […]

Saturn trine Uranus: Integrity

November 10th 2017: Saturn’s third and final exact trine to Uranus in Aries. Around midnight on the west coast, the rising Leo Moon creates a grand fire trine. Saturn is also aspected by T-square from asteroid Persephone opposite Chiron.   This is a major turning point in taking responsibility for things that we have previously […]

Taurus Full Moon: Pentacles

November 3rd 2017: Taurus Full Moon. Reflecting the total life force of the Scorpio Sun conjunct Jupiter, this Full Moon completes a cycle of material gain and loss in Taurus, the fixed earth sign of acquiring and accumulating. As the Sun and Moon form trines and sextiles to Neptune and Prometheus, I am experiencing a […]