Moon conjunct Venus & Eris -and- The Throat Chakra

February 27th 2020: Moon conjunct Venus 22° Aries, conjunct Eris 23° Aries, square Pluto 24° Capricorn. Vesta 22° Taurus trine Pluto. Saturn trine Sedna connects with Persephone and Psyche at 26° and 27°. This is the sixth of nine Moon/Venus conjunctions in this cycle, representing Inanna rising through the Throat Chakra gate. I’ve finally joined […]

Pisces New Moon

February 23rd 2020: Pisces New Moon, in the chart cast for my location the New Moon and Mercury Rx are in the 12th house, with Neptune exact conjunct the Ascendant. The New Moon connects to an aspect pattern that symbolizes the unseen personal processes that drive the most dramatic and unexpected developments. I’ve finally joined […]