Jupiter in Scorpio

On October 10th, Jupiter enters Scorpio, the sign of the underground, the underworld, the ravenous roots, the gears behind the clock face, where surrender to transformation happens when it becomes too painful to stay the same. Scorpio is the place where resistance meets the road… destruction–> transformation–> birth–> growth. Directly opposite Taurus, the sign of […]

Aries Full Moon – Say Yes

Watch for the Aries Full Moon rising on the night of October 4th, it reaches peak fullness at 12° Aries on the morning of October 5th. Flanking the Moon from 12° Pisces and 12° Taurus, the long-term sextile between Neptune and Athena Retrograde forms a yod to the Sun at 12° Libra. Asteroid Persephone is […]