Grand Water Trine – Tarot

February 25th 2019. In the darkness before dawn, just after midnight on the west coast, the Scorpio Moon rises in grand trine with Mercury in Pisces and the north node in Cancer.  Conjunct the south node in Capricorn: Sekhmet, Pluto, Psyche, and Venus. This is Part 2 of this weekend’s Scorpio Moon Tarot- click here […]

Moon Enters Scorpio – Tarot

February 23rd 2019: The Moon enters Scorpio, awakening deep and dark magic as Pluto 22° Capricorn is joined by Venus and Psyche, sextile Mercury 22° Pisces, in a yod to asteroid Isis at 22° Leo, opposite Lilith 22° Aquarius. In the early morning hours, just before entering Scorpio, the Moon connects with Athena at 29° […]