Ceres and Prometheus

January 25th 2019: Ceres enters Sagittarius, joining asteroid Prometheus who made the same ingress three days earlier. Together they will be Jupiter’s companions throughout his 2019 transit in Sagittarius.

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Ceres represents the nurturing principle, the flexibility of giving and receiving, holding close and letting go, and she validates the seasonal variations we experience in our stance regarding these states of being.

Prometheus represents risk management, bold actions, and the relationship between planning(or the lack thereof) and consequences.

As they cross from the deep waters of Scorpio to Sagittarius brisk and bright, we experience a sudden bloom, like the jolt of suddenly opening a sunny window in a dark room.  Sleep still clings to our bones but a new day is fresh and it is calling to us to rise, to move forward, to re-connect to the world with playfulness and flexibility.

Sun and Mercury are in Aquarius now, and spring is coming soon… but it will be a dark spring dominated by Pluto, Saturn, and the south node in Capricorn… rise and shine soldier…


In a span of about 36 hours between April 8th and April 10th, Ceres, Prometheus, and Jupiter all station retrograde together in synchronicity- Jupiter at 24° Sagittarius, Ceres and Prometheus both at 14° Sagittarius.

On August 11th, Jupiter stations direct at 14° Sagittarius, precisely where Ceres and Prometheus station retrograde.

14° Sagittarius the exact degree of the Great Attractor.

Beyond the planets of the solar system, beyond the fixed stars, there are three galactic factors that have been placed on the zodiac in recent years, opening the floodgates of intuition and interpretation for 5D realities:  The Galactic Center at 27° Sagittarius, the black hole at the center of our Milky Way, which our solar system orbits every 230 million years; The Supergalactic Center at 2° Libra, the supermassive black hole designated M87, which has a gravitational effect on the Milky Way and all of our neighboring galaxies in the local Virgo Supercluster; and The Great Attractor at 14° Sagittarius, which is the unseeable, unknowable object that our entire galactic supercluster is moving towards.


The Galactic Center, Supergalactic Center, and Great Attractor all reveal information about the different levels in the structure of the physical universe, and what that can teach us about the different levels in the structure of consciousness.

Philip Sedgwick’s fundamentally important work mentions Jupiter Retrograde conjunct the Great Attractor on the chart of the Titanic.  The greatest technical achievements of that era were no match for what was, at the time, unknowable- a Super Full Moon occuring in synchronicity with Earth’s solar perihelion, creating unusually massive tides, resulted in icebergs flowing out far beyond where anyone expected them to be, sinking what was thought to be unsinkable.

While reading Sedgwick’s article, and pondering the many examples of powerful magnetic figures that reveal the nature of our collective blindness, I thought about the phenomenon of child carseats, and how it was common for children to ride fully unrestrained, or sitting on a parent’s lap, even well into my own childhood in the 1980’s. There were decades between the invention of a child safety carseat and all 50 states passing laws enforcing its use, and even then many years more until compliance reached near 100%.  This has always blown my mind. I decided to research this for any transits to the Great Attractor, and learned that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration passed the first federal regulations for child safety carseats in 1971.  Jupiter transited the Great Attractor in November of 1971.

Ceres in Sagittarius isn’t lovey dovey, she nurtures with advice (and when she’s conjunct Antares, she nurtures with strict rules). When Prometheus is in Sagittarius, he is actively giving the gift of flame to humanity.  They stay together in tight conjunction for their entire Sagittarius transit, and they will be aligned with the Great Attractor stationing retrograde throughout April of 2019. In July they’ll station direct together at Zero and 1° Sagittarius, forming a trine to Mercury Retrograde at Zero Leo. Jupiter’s station direct will keep him in alignment with the Great Attractor throughout August of 2019.

Things we consider our greatest achievements will crumble to dust when their flaws are suddenly exposed.  Things we consider normal will permanently shift with the appearance of solutions that reveal our “normal” has actually been a huge problem.  And these may very well be solutions that have been in existence for decades but overlooked because of the inertia of progress, and it may yet be a while before society is ready to be fully transformed, but 2019 will be a point of no return for crucial issues that exist in the blind spot.

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