Moon Enters Scorpio – Tarot

February 23rd 2019: The Moon enters Scorpio, awakening deep and dark magic as Pluto 22° Capricorn is joined by Venus and Psyche, sextile Mercury 22° Pisces, in a yod to asteroid Isis at 22° Leo, opposite Lilith 22° Aquarius.

In the early morning hours, just before entering Scorpio, the Moon connects with Athena at 29° Libra, opposing Uranus and Apophis at 29° Aries.



The Moon Zero Scorpio: XV The Devil

Athena 29° Libra: Ace of Cups


Uranus 29 Aries: XII The Hanging Man

Apophis 29 Aries: Knight of Swords


Mercury 22° Pisces: V The Pope

Lilith 22° Aquarius: Queen of Cups

Pluto, Venus, & Psyche 22° Capricorn: VI The Lovers


Isis 22° Leo: Two of Swords


Apophis is the final conjunction to Uranus in Aries before he makes his official ingress into Taurus.  The Hanging Man representing Uranus perfectly captures this surreal moment of extreme tension in the stillness, hearing the echoes of explosions, fading.  Apophis as the Knight of Swords cautions against getting carried away by triggers, as echoes can easily fool us into thinking the same thing is happening again and again, even though the actual event that caused the original sound happened long ago.  Apophis is a trickster and will gleefully pull you off balance, knowing that you must flex your emotional maturity and strength to work your way back to your center.  Look at the similarities between the Knight of Sword’s horse, and the Devil.  Light blue body, mane/wings yellow lined with red.  Divert the chaos of Apophis into the transit of the Scorpio Moon.  Ride the Devil.

The Devil is a card that ends up in at least half of my spreads, representing the deep dive into the collective primal unconscious. For the Moon at Zero Scorpio this is an indicator of healing, which is a process that is not rational.  Truly healing from trauma requires the cooperation of the limbic brain and autonomic nervous systems.  So many of us have screwed up our natural Safe-vs.-Not-Safe-o-meter by intellectualizing, and reasoning with ourselves that our feelings aren’t rational and we should therefore ignore them.  Ace of Cups for Athena is really exciting here because it gives us the ability to recalibrate that.  On a purely emotional level, Athena’s wisdom can identify the difference between fears that keep us safe and fears that cripple us; the difference between pursuing joy and pursuing a solution to an insecurity.

For the triple conjunction of Pluto, Venus, and Psyche I drew the Lovers, a card that depicts three figures interacting ambiguously under the threat of Cupid’s arrow.  When you examine the self-image of people with Venus-Pluto conjunctions you tend to find some type of conflict with no solution, wether that is a total lack of self awareness, a never-ending obsessive identity crisis, or a driven artistic passion to constantly reimagine the self.  The energy of Venus-Pluto is so alluring because it is individually unstable which implies a need for the Other.  But with Psyche exact in the conjunction too, projections are withdrawn.  Remember, when he sees Psyche, Cupid shoots himself.

Forming a sextile to Pluto/Venus/Psyche, Mercury in Pisces creates an opportunity for deep dreaming, visions, downloads. Mercury’s clarity in communication isn’t necessarily efficient in Pisces- rather, the Pope card shows Mercury in Pisces activating the etheric body.  The Pope is the mirror of The Devil, the mirror of taking a deep dive into the primal, Pope is the bridge to cosmos, lovelight, source.

At the midpoint of the Pope and the Lovers sits the Queen of Cups, representing Lilith in Aquarius.  I love this so much.  Lilith is rarely if ever depicted as content or secure, but she is very much at home in Aquarius.  Her divergence from traditional morals is considered trailblazing instead of offensive, she is free from any pressure to conform. The Queen of Cups is permanently unbothered.  Lilith in Aquarius knows that her critics are obsolete.

Which finally brings us to asteroid Isis in Leo, at 22 degrees collecting the power of Pluto, Venus, Psyche, Lilith, and Mercury.  And since Isis is retrograde, she is separating from recent trines to Uranus and Apophis- her card, the Two of Swords, connects her to them.  Just as Uranus, the Hanging Man, shows us that we are at the end of a cycle and waiting for a different era to begin, the Two of Swords represents latent thoughts, new ideas, new worldviews that have yet to become fully conscious.  Apophis, the Knight of Swords, wants to run off with these ideas.  The Two of Swords is patient. Keep your eyes on Isis, radiating galactic lovelight in Lilith’s embrace.

These are such powerful astrological energies for reinvention in general, so for those of us who are focused on healing from trauma (like I said, a process that is irrational and cannot be solved with the intellect alone) it is time to turn up the magic. With Uranus entering Taurus (and Chiron entering Aries) there are going to be situations where the horns of the bull will be right in front of us, and we won’t have any rational reason to feel safe grabbing on.  This weekend’s transit of the Moon through Scorpio will be astonishingly transformative for those who have the right tools and are ready for real change.

In the early morning hours of February 25th, at moonrise on the west coast, the Scorpio Moon meets Mercury in Pisces in a grand trine with the north node in Cancer.  See Part 2 of the Scorpio Moon Tarot here:



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