Scorpio New Moon -and- Opening the Lion Heart

The 2016 Scorpio New Moon comes at the end of an intense week triggered by Mercury’s superior solar conjunction in Scorpio, and Venus transiting sextile Jupiter and conjunct Saturn. We are all on the front lines of our own hearts, and we are discovering deep truths about what it means to be a warrior. Lioness Venus, carrying the energy of Leo through her current cycle, is a powerful presence in the experience of this moment.

Pele Full Moon in Aries

As Pele spills destruction, replacing green fields with choked black rock, we are standing on new land that we can’t yet live on. We might look around and think, “wow there used to be a green field here, I fucked everything up” if we are failing to see the big picture, the potential, and the work that still must be done before the new land is fully habitable.