Solstice Full Moon Tarot

December 22nd 2018: Full Moon at Zero Cancer opposite the Winter Solstice Sun at Zero Capricorn.  Asteroid Hekate makes an exact T-square to the full moon axis from Zero Libra.  Chiron at 27° Pisces makes it a grand square, anchored by his connection to asteroid Psyche at 28° Sagittarius.   Asteroid Hekate is slowing down […]

Sun Conjunct Psyche

December 19th 2018: Psyche’s solar conjunction at 27° Sagittarius, aligned with the Galactic Center.  My research related to this conjunction is leading me to uncover layer after layer of incredible insights into the orbit of Psyche and her amazing relationship with the center of our solar system, and the center of the milky way. The […]