Aries Full Moon Fallout: Moon 29° Aries opposite Jupiter 29° Libra

October 6th 2017: The Moon transits conjunct Uranus 27° Aries, and then opposes Jupiter at 29° Libra.  This is the final Moon-Jupiter opposition of Jupiter in Libra and it shows the potential fallout after such a particularly intense Aries Full Moon.

Jupiter’s ingress in Libra was heralded by countless pop astrology articles that didn’t look past the basic keywords for the planet and the sign, announcing that the coming year was sure to be defined by “expansion of beauty and love in relationships!” When you take into consideration Jupiter’s station retrograde opposite Uranus and Eris, and three squares to Pluto in Capricorn, a much different story emerges.  Libra is really not so much the sign of balance as it is the sign of correcting imbalances, and Jupiter’s transit through has served to expose those imbalances in need of correction, resulting in conflict and power struggles.  These difficult experiences have been humbling lessons for those who have been striving to become better listeners and better communicators, and Jupiter’s challenging transit through Libra has been associated with amazing progress in conflict resolution skills.

Now that Jupiter is at 29° Libra, the final (or anaretic) degree of the sign, everything that we have worked so hard to build during this transit will be under a great deal of stress with this opposition from the Moon.  And that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, breakthroughs come in many many forms, but suffice to say this is not the time to sit down and take it easy.  These days are carrying incredibly pivotal energies.



Moon opposite Jupiter is one of the most challenging oppositions a person can have on their natal chart.  Opposition aspects are neither inherently positive or negative, it depends entirely on which two things are in opposition.  In the case of Moon opposite Jupiter, there are blurred lines between when it is appropriate to be open and when it is in your best interests to hold back.  This is the opposition of people pleasers and drama queens, and it seems especially volatile on the anaretic degrees of the relationship signs, cardinal fire and air.

Lilith in Sagittarius is forming a quincunx to Sedna in Taurus, which is a depiction of the ways that trauma infects relationships.  When someone is shattered by trauma, and remains compartmentalized because they don’t have the tools or resources to know how to approach healing, the presence of a loving partner can be unspeakably uncomfortable.  When someone’s post-trauma sense of safety depends on keeping parts of the self hidden away, it becomes a self-defense mechanism to resist being seen totally by someone else.

North Node Trine Saturn is all about taking responsibility for our own lives, having an honest and aware understanding about the truth of who we are, and being willing to accept our limitations, which often come to us in the form of consequences.  As Saturn builds closer to a square with Chiron in Pisces, our integrity will be put to the test.

“Sometimes people walk away from love because it is so beautiful that it terrifies them. Sometimes they leave because the connection shines a bright light on their dark places and they are not ready to work them through. Sometimes they run away because they are not developmentally prepared to merge with another- they have more individuation work to do first. Sometimes they take off because love is not a priority in their lives- they have another path and purpose to walk first. Sometimes they end it because they prefer a relationship that is more practical than conscious, one that does not threaten the ways that they organize reality. Because so many of us carry shame, we have a tendency to personalize love’s leavings, triggered by the rejection and feelings of abandonment. But this is not always true. Sometimes it has nothing to do with us. Sometimes the one who leaves is just not ready to hold it safe. Sometimes they know something we don’t- they know their limits at that moment in time. Real love is no easy path- readiness is everything. May we grieve loss without personalizing it. May we learn to love ourselves in the absence of the lover.” -Jeff Brown

“Seems like most people think they’re having a relationship with another person, when what they’re really having is a blended relationship, partially with another person, partially with their self, partially with their wounding and emotions, partially with their idealisms, and partially with their past conditionings and/or projections. Two people relating to one another authentically is a trickier field to navigate than we’ve been led to believe.” -Stephen Hubbell


Trina Hesson

Athena Retrograde sextile Neptune is still forming a yod to the Sun in Libra, holding strong with Mercury closing in on his next solar conjunction.  The transformative power of this aspect pattern enables us to make the major changes that will prepare us for the incredible brand new fresh start we will experience next week:  A new cycle begins with the Sun, Mercury, and asteroid Psyche converging in a perfect square to Pluto in Capricorn, followed two days later by Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio.  Stay tuned to Planetary Clarity for all this and more.


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