Jupiter in Scorpio

On October 10th, Jupiter enters Scorpio, the sign of the underground, the underworld, the ravenous roots, the gears behind the clock face, where surrender to transformation happens when it becomes too painful to stay the same. Scorpio is the place where resistance meets the road… destruction–> transformation–> birth–> growth. Directly opposite Taurus, the sign of the sprouting seeds, Scorpio is the natural home for themes of death. Scorpio is the season of Samhain in the northern hemisphere, when the vast majority of Earth’s vegetation is entering its death phase. Suppressing Scorpio energy creates energetic voids that attract sudden traumatic events to force the cycle forward; overindulging in Scorpio energy is unsustainable hedonistic consumerism.  For 13 months, Jupiter places his spotlight on all the issues and themes of Scorpio, affecting each of us personally depending on what natal placements we have in Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer, and Pisces.

At the moment that Jupiter reaches Zero Scorpio, the top five closest aspects form a symmetrical glyph, and each of these aspects provide penetrating insights into Jupiter’s upcoming transit through Scorpio: Venus opposite Chiron; Lilith trine Uranus; Gemini Moon aspecting the lunar nodes; Psyche square Pluto; and Sekhmet square Isis.


Venus and Chiron

Venus in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces brings the tangible melancholy that puts the bitter in bittersweet.  This aspect brings the sounds and smells of walking on crunchy brown leaves. It’s the acceptance stage of grief, where great riches glow in the depth of sadness.  (See my Aries Full Moon article for the additional context of Venus conjunct Mars.)

Lilith and Uranus

Black Moon Lilith, the mean lunar apogee at 26° Sagittarius, is transiting conjunct the galactic center, and exact trine Uranus Retrograde at 26° Aries.  The planet of revolution is still pulsing with intensity after the contacts from the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse on August 21st and Mercury Station Direct on September 4th.  Lilith’s presence at the galactic center expands the container of consciousness to hold more and more incoming information, what is sometimes called “light codes” or simply the openness to inspiration that allows us to make gradual realizations that change our lives with real growth.  Lilith trine Uranus will be the main influence on the upcoming Libra New Moon which will take place exact opposite Uranus and sextile Lilith.

The Moon and Lunar Nodes

At the moment Jupiter enters Scorpio, the Gemini Moon is exact sextile the north node and trine the south node.  This is a trickster totem, a sneaky genie, the zen master who tells you a riddle and when you ask the answer, he shoves you into a mud puddle.  When it comes to pranks, there is a thin line between malevolence and wisdom.  People are like, “Hey, I hate that I can’t see anything” but take huge personal offense at any attempt to remove their veil. That’s when the trickster enters the picture. Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio is sure to hold moments for each of us where we feel that the universe is malisciously pranking us.  But never forget, destruction–> transformation–> birth–> growth.  The Universe’s goal for us is always increased maturity and wisdom, and even if the methods to get us there are abrupt and shocking while Jupiter is in Scorpio, trust they will be funny.


Psyche and Pluto

Asteroid Psyche represents the pure soul, and in astrology she reveals the journey that individual souls embark on to pursue their inherent longing for illumination.  The ancient myths of Psyche have been distorted through the misogynist lens of 20th century psychology and I often hear from women who are interested in astrology that they have a strong negative reaction to any mention of Psyche because of this sexist poison. Click here for Planetary Clarity’s re-telling of the myth of Venus and Psyche.

Psyche has the ability to move in and out of the Underworld, giving her a unique relationship with Pluto, the Underworld’s king.  October 8th’s superior solar conjunction of Mercury christened Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio with an alignment between Psyche (who will be Jupiter’s constant companion throughout Scorpio) and Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler). Click here to read my previous article, Sun Conjunct Mercury and Psyche, square Pluto for more information about what this means for Jupiter in Scorpio, and how we can prepare now for the year ahead.

Here is a brief overview of Jupiter and Psyche’s transit through Scorpio:

Psyche enters Scorpio November 16th and is within 3° conjunction of Jupiter starting December 31st, 2017.

Their first exact conjunction takes place at 21° Scorpio on January 29th, 2018.

Jupiter stations retrograde at 23° Scorpio on March 8th and Psyche stations retrograde at 26° Scorpio on March 17th 2018.

Psyche stations direct at 12° Scorpio on July 4th and Jupiter stations direct at 13° Scorpio on July 10th 2018, less than 1° conjunct.

Jupiter and Psyche stay within 1° conjunction for four months, and within 3° conjunction for eight months, through the end of August 2018.

Jupiter and Psyche in Scorpio will demand that we ask worldview-shattering questions.  Emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, everyone has things get ignored and dismissed because they do not fit into our current understanding of how the world works.  These blind spots are where Jupiter and Psyche in Scorpio will enter and expand, forcing us to confront the discrepancy one way or another.  As Jupiter and Psyche form sextiles to Pluto in Capricorn, and trines to Neptune in Pisces, we must focus on the things that cannot be explained by our current beliefs and be willing to un-learn anything that is preventing us from truly and thoroughly understanding the energetic structures at the foundation of our world, preventing us from truly and thoroughly understanding our own selves.

Sekhmet and Isis

The final aspect may be considered by many to be the least important, because it involves two minor asteroids, but they form the closest aspect on the chart (1-arc-minute orb) and each asteroid is having its own epic moment.  Isis has recently stationed retrograde and is motionless at 3° Gemini, placing her conjunct the Pleiades throughout September and October.  Sekhmet is at 3° Virgo, which is currently the exact degree of her own north node.  In other words, at the moment Jupiter enters Scorpio, Sekhmet ascends above the ecliptic of the Sun.  Click here to read more about Asteroid Sekhmet’s Nothern Ascension.

Sekhmet’s highly irregular orbit has huge variations in declination (celestial latitude). In May of 2014 she reached an astonishing 88° northern declination. 90° is due north. But since then, she has been in a phase where her northern declinations have not gone above the Sun’s 23° boundary, while her southern declinations drive deep out of bounds.

The square between Isis and Sekhmet is some deep level magic beyond words at the ingress of Jupiter into Scorpio.  Isis, motionless and transmitting from the Pleiades, invokes the terror of the presence of angels. Sekhmet is like a surgeon, using the power of violence to heal.  Although we are at a powerful and fresh new beginning, they remind us that the past is a part of who we are and we can never truly leave it behind.



image and poem via Active Dreaming

“Last night as I was sleeping,
I dreamt—marvelous error!—
that I had a beehive
here inside my heart.
And the golden bees
were making white combs
and sweet honey
from my old failures.”

– Antonio Machado, translation by Robert Bly

Sa Sekhem Sahu


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