Sun Conjunct Mercury and Psyche: Rainbow in the Dark

October 8th 2017, the superior solar conjunction of Mercury at 15° Libra begins a new cycle for the symbol of thoughts and communication, aligned with asteroid Psyche at 16° Libra.


The previous cycle began on Summer Solstice with Sun conjunct Mercury and asteroid Hekate, and contained the Mercury Retrograde conjunct Vesta in Virgo stationing direct on the degree of the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse.  That cycle of Mercury ends at the same time Jupiter’s year long transit through Libra ends.

This feels like a powerful and fresh new beginning.  Can’t think of a less hyperbolic way to say it, lol.  Screen fade, new scene.

On October 9th, Mercury and the Sun both complete conjunction to asteroid Psyche, and all three transit exact square Pluto at 16° Capricorn. On October 10th, Jupiter enters Scorpio, the sign ruled by Pluto.  Psyche enters Scorpio on November 16th, and she transits through Scorpio in complete unity with Jupiter, staying within 3° orb of conjunction for eight months in 2018, stationing retrograde and direct together in synchronicity.  I will go in-depth into the relationship between Psyche and Jupiter in my next article dedicated to Jupiter in Scorpio.

Other notable aspects on the chart for Sun conjunct Mercury on October 8th:

Venus and Mars in Virgo are forming a square to Saturn as their conjunction separates… I discussed their conjunction in depth for the Aries Full Moon.  The square to Saturn exposes the truth of our limitations around these issues, and since Saturn has still barely returned to true forward motion after stationing direct, the lessons often learned around this time are that the limitations that we have become comfortable operating with are no longer relevant or simply no longer exist.

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Athena Retrograde is still sextile Neptune, and Chiron sextile Sedna is activated by the Moon, who transits conjunct Sedna as Mercury crosses behind the Sun.  These magic wands connecting Pisces to Taurus keep us grounded in the body and help us manage the complex reality of trauma and healing as we go forward from here.


As I ponder the chart of the superior solar conjunction of Mercury conjunct Psyche square Pluto, in context of Jupiter soon entering Pluto’s sign Scorpio, where Psyche will be his constant companion, I find myself wanting to know more about balls of lightning…

I have a vague childhood memory of being corrected not to say “balls of lightning” but instead to say “bolts of lightning.” And as I look to the solar system to dream about what lies ahead, I see balls of lightning.  My research into this is mind-blowing.

Ball Lightning refers to pretty much any unexplained spherical electrical phenomena.  Scientifically speaking, there is no question that mysterious glowing, floating balls of light are real, and that they have a huge variety of documented behaviors and characteristics.  Eyewitness observations have been recorded for hundreds of years, but none were ever caught on film and analyzed scientifically until July of 2012.  The information was released to the public in January of 2014.


First optical spectrum taken of ball lightning


In 2006, J. Pace VanDevender, Vice President Emeritus of Sandia National Labs made a presentation at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Conference on Plasma Science where he presented his theories on Ball Lightning with what he called “High Risk Research at the Boundary of Denial and Superstition.” There is no explanation for ball lightning under the current accepted scientific understanding of the universe, known as Big Bang Cosmology.  Under the Big Bang view of the Universe, ball lightning defies the laws of physics.

The lack of understanding is not due to a flaw in the physics, it’s due to a flaw in the cosmology.  There is another theory, known as Electric Universe, that accounts for the subatomic phenomena that would allow for real hypotheses to form about the appearance and activity of ball lightning.

We are at such a unique place in human history, at the dawn of major revolutions in technology and commerce, even as our basic ways of life are still bound to institutions and beliefs that originated hundreds of years ago by people with less knowledge about how the world works than today’s average high school freshman.

Despite scientific consensus that ball lightning is real, the collective mainstream belief seems to be that floating balls of electric light are the imaginary fantasies of new-age goofs.


Because it is easier to dismiss things you can’t explain, than it is to question the basis of your entire worldview.

Jupiter in Scorpio will demand that we ask these worldview-shattering questions.  As Jupiter and Psyche form sextiles to Pluto in Capricorn we must focus on the things that cannot be explained by our current beliefs and be willing to un-learn anything that is preventing us from truly and thoroughly understanding the energetic structures at the foundation of our world.

On October 8th, as Mercury transits behind the Sun as seen from Earth, conjunct Psyche, square Pluto, we have the opportunity to mentally prepare ourselves for this next chapter, this journey of un-learning. We can make a fresh start in full acknowledgement and acceptance of the ruins and wreckage, full ownership of shadow.

Stay tuned to Planetary Clarity for a special report on Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio and his partnership with asteroid Psyche in 2018.


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