Taurus New Moon conjunct Uranus -and- The Crown Chakra

April 22nd 2020: Taurus New Moon conjunct Uranus, square Saturn, and trine/sextile the lunar nodes.
April 26th 2020: Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini, representing Inanna’s ascension through the Crown Chakra gate.


We are all brought to a strange and unexpected scene in the human drama, marked by the Sun and Moon joining Uranus in Taurus. At this moment the collective is reckoning deeply with its orientation to food, money, and public places; deep transformation of our perceptions of wants vs needs; radical awakenings around concepts of personal space and self-protection; new levels of awareness of our own hands and breathing.

The New Moon’s square to Saturn in Aquarius shows the immensity of the obstacles we all face. Our society- if we can even really call it that- was built on an illusion of hyperindividualism, and now, the unique habits of personal preference we all built within that society have been disrupted.

As the dust settles, many are beginning to recall that we are truly social animals, in ways our pseudo-society has purposefully obscured, and we are now looking to each other with new eyes, and turning our backs on the illusion-weavers. The sextile to the north node in Cancer guarantees that those who are setting intentions to build and maintain new support networks and alliances will be successful. But the trine to the south node in Capricorn shows how easily anyone can regress into fear, loneliness, and poverty consciousness.

Looking back to everything we’ve learned with the North Node in Cancer since November of 2018 will give us the guidance we need to stay oriented.

“North node in Cancer is about vulnerability and self-defense (and this requires a radical definition of Self that includes your home environment and everyone you love).”
-Planetary Clarity 

Four days after the New Moon in Taurus, the Sun completes its conjunction to Uranus while the Moon meets Venus 17° Gemini, trine Mars 18° Aquarius, and square Neptune 20° Pisces, with asteroid Persephone at 16° Pisces. This is the eighth of nine Moon/Venus conjunctions in this cycle, representing Inanna’s ascension through the Crown Chakra gate.


Long before the lockdown, uncountable millions of people were suffering from the effects of isolation, and not necessarily even referring to physical isolation, but more significantly to the spiritual isolation that comes from thinking “Me” is a bag of organs encased in skin, and everything outside the skin bag is “Not Me.” There is no greater loneliness than the cult of hyperindividualism, but it perpetuates itself because it makes you feel powerful. Many have been traumatized by the specific isolation of lockdown conditions because it makes them feel powerless- the matrix hologram presenting us with a virus called Corona to destroy the illusion of control is catalyzing human consciousness into a new evolution of surrender.

While the Root Chakra connects us “down” to the earth, the Crown Chakra connects us “up” to the cosmos, the divine order that imbues the Universe with consciousness. When we are able to see that all life on earth is quite literally one infinitely diverse organism, we are then able to access the source of divine intelligence that radiates lovelight flowing through all things. With this connection we can fully surrender to the flow of joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, life and death.

There is an important and nuanced difference between surrender and giving up, and the crucial factors elucidated in the Crown Chakra are, understanding your place in the universe, and trusting the universe to unfold.

Our entire lives we’ve been bombarded with brainwashing messages regarding our place in the universe, and this usually manifests as foundational confusion about the difference between wants and needs. Entitlement is what happens when people believe they need whatever they want, and actions taken to achieve it usually result in exploitation and abuse. The trine from Mars in Aquarius assists us through this gate by transforming the way we pursue our goals, as we re-define our needs not by our individual desires, but by what is for the greater good of all.

We’ve also been fully brainwashed at every level about the idea that we are all individually personally responsible for getting our (poorly defined) needs met, and that being unable to do so on our own terms is a great failure. When we are passionately dedicated to maintaining the illusion of being in control, we enforce the guilt and shame on ourselves when the ample evidence to the contrary becomes unavoidable. The square to Neptune and Persephone in Pisces embodies the challenge of the Crown Chakra ascent by openly embracing the paradox of finding liberation in letting go of control, the paradox of surrender being the key to standing strong.



Salvador Dali, Woman With Flower Head



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