North Node Enters Cancer

Last week during the Scorpio New Moon on November 7th, I spent the afternoon out with my kids, and when we returned home that evening I discovered that my housemate had hired help to paint her bedroom and the main hallway.  The house was completely uninhabitable due to the paint fumes, I could not even bring my kids inside.  They sat in the car while I quickly packed up an overnight bag, and we ended up having to leave the city because urban hotels don’t take cash.

Jupiter entered Sagittarius on November 8th and I woke up far from home.  I spent the day driving my kids around the countryside and seeing the sights, and then finally returning to a freshly painted house.

Today, November 15th, the mean lunar north node entered Cancer, trine Jupiter, in an incredibly illuminating aspect pattern also involving Uranus and Mars.



Uranus retrograde recently returned to Aries, forming an exact square to the lunar nodes.  Mars has just entered Pisces, forming a square to Jupiter. The most fascinating thing to me about this configuration is the out-of-sign quincunxes, both unusually connecting points that share element: Jupiter quincunx Uranus (fire) and north node quincunx Mars (water).

A learning triangle configuration is comprised of a square, quincunx, and trine, which can reveal symbols that represent a problem, how to transmute it, and the desired outcome.  A lampshade configuration such as this one is comprised of two overlapping learning triangles- two squares (problems), two quincunxes (transmutations), and one trine (desired outcome):

Uranus square the north node: It is necessary to make a radical departure from the way things have always been done, especially concerning family and the toll it takes on us personally to care for children, elderly parents, and/or anyone else who depends on us.

Mars square Jupiter: the tendency to be overzealous, not knowng when to quit, not being able to say no, running on high levels of energy until burnout.

Jupiter quincunx Uranus: coming into a higher level of awareness about past breakthroughs (from Uranus in Aries March 2011 – May 2018).

Mars quincunx the north node: wiping away dust and cobwebs from something abandoned or undiscovered, assessing what can be salvaged and repaired, imagining how it could be put to use.

Jupiter trine the north node: Voyaging to the horizons and beyond, with optimism and faith in the strength of your family bonds.

The past week has already been blatantly revealing to me about the themes of the year ahead. Jupiter in Sagittarius is about elaboration, embellishment, and amplification of what is possible.  North node in Cancer is about vulnerability and self-defense (and this requires a radical definition of Self that includes your home environment and everyone you love).  There’s a push and pull happening between the urge to blaze a trail in pursuit of a new dream, and the urge to hunker down and appreciate what we have right in front of us- and with Mercury and Venus both at a standstill, it doesn’t even seem possible to act on either of those urges.

The impromptu vacation I took with my kids last week was disappointing.  I wanted it to be a fun getaway but it just shone a spotlight on my unhappiness as a single parent.  I feel immense pressure trying to keep everything together by myself. It’s my job to take care of them, and no one else’s job to take care of me, and I am often in distress when my needs go unmet because both of my children need me all the time.

As Mercury slowed to station retrograde and Venus slowed to station direct, I had to sit in some painfully uncomfortable tension and FEEL it, instead of my usual pattern of carrying on as best as I can without acknowledging the tension, which causes that tension to become background noise in a way that prevents me from ever truly being at peace.

Eventually I came to a new level of awareness of how an increase in frustration is usually the first sign that a problem is coming into clearer focus. And that usually, attempts to relieve that frustration completely prevent us from experiencing the clarity.


And finally it all came together. When family dynamics and self-care needs become imbalanced and unhealthy, the problem can’t be solved by staying inside the nest. Jupiter in Sagittarius is showing us that we have to get outside of our familiar surroundings, to learn the lessons that north node in Cancer wants to teach us about ourselves (remember, Self= you, your home, and your family).

Next week we will have our first major chance to work with an open channel to the north node in Cancer, and the imperative transformation of accepting frustration and anger as precursors to clarity, with Sun conjunct asteroid Persephone in Scorpio in a grand trine with the north node and Chiron in Pisces.



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