Gemini New Moon -and- The Soul Star Chakra

May 22nd 2020: New Moon 2° Gemini, in alignment with the Pleiades star cluster, and forming a trine to Saturn and asteroid Athena both retrograde in Aquarius.

The Pleiades

The most dramatic region of the night sky tells us through symbols the tale of who we are and what we are doing here: Sirius the Dog, follows behind Orion the Hunter, who stalks Aldebaran the Bull’s Eye, who drinks from the pool of the Pleiades, a cluster of stars that hold the secrets and sorrows and joys and pains of incarnating onto Earth. For thousands of years humanity experienced the Pleiades in the season of Taurus, giving us an understanding of the meaning of life based on the body, sex, family, home, business, cash, and economy. The main star Alcyone crossed from 29° Taurus to 0° Gemini in the year 2000, so 21st century humans are the first to experience the Pleiades in Gemini, a new type of lifestream that can differentiate into any of the infinite possibilities of consciousness and manifestation beyond the limits of physical reality. The Gemini New Moon unlocks and activates this awareness for the collective.

Saturn and Athena

The New Moon forms a trine to Saturn and Athena in Aquarius, who form a stellium with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, the four of them in synchronized retrogrades that fit inside each other like nesting dolls. Over the past couple of weeks, Pluto stationed retrograde, then Saturn, then Jupiter, then Athena. Four months from now, Athena will station direct, followed by Jupiter, then Saturn, then Pluto.

It was anticipated due to awareness of past historical patterns that Saturn’s retrograde from Aquarius back into Capricorn would be related to an increase of government control causing a loss of freedom. Saturn represents forces that shape the containers that hold our lives, forces that are far greater than any individual has the ability to control. When faced with this perceived powerlessness, some crumple in fear, some overflow with rage. Athena inspires us to forget about our emotional reactions and strategize a new proactive way to navigate through difficulty.

Our New Moon intention is to uncover the suppressed memories of why we made the choice to incarnate here and now, revealing a hidden spring of great courage tailor made for these troubled times.

Venus Rx

In September of 2019 Venus rose as Evening Star, the ascension phase of Inanna, and this part of the cycle had nine Moon/Venus conjunctions occurring while Venus is visible. Venus stationed retrograde at 21° Gemini on May 13th and disappears into the glare of the Sun on May 28th. The ninth and final conjunction of the Moon to Venus takes place at 19° Gemini on May 23rd and represents Inanna’s awakening beyond the Crown to the Soul Star Chakra.


The Moon and Venus are in a close group with Mercury and Vesta, flavoring the wild curiosity of Venus retrograde in Gemini with the need for connection, mind to mind and heart to heart. The clear goal is to reimagine communal relating, but the route to get there is unknown and the parameters are in flux. The emphasized square from the Gemini stellium to Neptune in Pisces will no doubt lead to confusion and misunderstanding, and huge frustration for anyone who is still forcibly clinging to the energy of business as usual… but the arguments that occur will propel those of us with active Soul Star Chakras into the challenges of co-dreaming, exploring new paths into relationship, and creating ways to nourish and flourish, regardless of the rigid sociopolitical circumstances. Under the influence of Neptune, nothing we put our effort into is likely to work out the way we specifically want it to. Now is the time for taking a leap of faith on something totally undreamed of previously, finding authentic ways to express our inner truths in the form of sustainable sociocultural frameworks, making discoveries together, no longer obsessed with planning and results.

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The Soul Star

The action of the Soul Star Chakra is congruent with the energies at work during the Gemini New Moon conjunct the Pleiades: Total recall of our true nature and soul’s purpose. The Soul Star Chakra is positioned outside the physical body, a synapse between the Crown Chakra and cosmos/source. The square from Neptune to Inanna’s ascent through the Soul Star gate acknowledges the inside out, upside down, mind warp of embracing radical acceptance when situations beyond our control have forced us into unwanted scenarios that affect our identity and our lifestyle. The Soul Star is the gate to empowered liberation from expectations of who we should be and what our lives should be like.

The End of the Venus Cycle

This Venus cycle began as the previous retrograde ended in October/November of 2018. Starting in December 2018, and all throughout 2019 during the descent and underworld phase, I was repeatedly traumatized and retraumatized by situations that I was powerless to stop. As Venus rose from the underworld and began the ascent phase in August/September of 2019, I was unspeakably harmed by a shocking injustice as a judge violated due process and ruled in favor of someone that was proven with evidence to be lying about me, stripping me of my legal rights as a mother. Throughout the ascension phase of Venus, as my attorneys have continued to defend me in the court of appeals, the monthly chakra meditations have been my lifeline through this superlatively traumatic experience, leading me through the spiritual, psychic, psychological and emotional work I need to do on myself to not just survive but actually transmute the damage and pain into knowledge and power.

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