Solstice Full Moon Tarot

December 22nd 2018: Full Moon at Zero Cancer opposite the Winter Solstice Sun at Zero Capricorn.  Asteroid Hekate makes an exact T-square to the full moon axis from Zero Libra.  Chiron at 27° Pisces makes it a grand square, anchored by his connection to asteroid Psyche at 28° Sagittarius.



Asteroid Hekate is slowing down and will station retrograde at 2° Libra, extending her opposition to Chiron until March of 2019, across the equinox degrees.  When Chiron returns to Zero Aries next year, Hekate retrograde will meet him in opposition from Zero Libra, making this full moon an incredbly powerful moment activating all four corners of the World Axis.

In June of 2017, Hekate was conjunct the New Moon at 1°-2° Cancer, so the intentions we seeded at that time have come to their natural end with this full moon. And at the end of our calendar year, this is truly a huge moment for acknowledging everything that has come to an end in our lives, so we can properly step into our new beginnings.  At times like this I consult the Tarot for guidance.

The cards I drew for the Solstice Full Moon grand square, in the order they were drawn:

Chiron – Wheel of Fortune

Hekate – Five of Wands

Psyche/Galactic Center – The Magician

Solstice Sun – King of Wands

Cancer Full Moon – Justice


King of Wands, Magician, and Justice from the Camoin/Jodorowsky restored Marseille Tarot. All quoted italic text that follows is lovingly received from “The Way of Tarot: The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards” by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Marianne Costa.


Chiron – Wheel of Fortune

“More than any other Arcanum, The Wheel of Fortune is clearly oriented toward closure with the past and expectation of the future.  For this reason, the position held by this card in a reading will allow us to say if a plan for life needs to be finished to make place for the new plan, or if a new era is already underway… if (this card) is present at the beginning of a drawing, it evokes the closing of the past cycle and the beginning of a new one.”

Chiron began his transit through Pisces in April of 2010.  That transit is ending in 2018, with Chiron entering Aries on April 17th and then returning to Pisces in retrograde on September 25th for an epilogue to the wounded healer’s travels through the Neptune-ruled sign of oceanic subconscious depths. As Chiron makes his final passage over the final degrees of the last sign of the zodiac, he creates the opportunity for closure and letting go of the wounds that were created and/or exposed over the past eight years.

Hekate – Five of Wands

“…a new desire, and an energy to go beyond what has been known to this point… evolution toward unsuspected depths and a larger dimension… an invitation to abandon old habits that dull the mind.”

Hekate’s connection to Chiron is where the magic happens.  Depression thrives whenever we get stuck inside the limits of what we currently understand to be possible, and nothing puts blinders on consciousness more effectively than trauma.  We feel despair when we desperately try to make things work with inadequate tools, blocked from our natural ability to be visionary and trust ourselves enough to leap into the unknown future.  My experience with depression is that it can’t be completely eradicated, but it can be controlled, demoted from constant companion to occasional guest, and I can even make it work for me.  Hekate is the goddess that has given me this gift.  The long-term opposition between Hekate and Chiron is a breakthrough opportunity to access the psychic powers hidden within our depression, to access our ability to expand beyond the container that blinds us to those unsuspected depths and larger dimensions.

Psyche and the Galactic Center – The Magician

“The Magician bears the number one.  This figure contains the whole in potential; it is like the original point from which a universe emerges. It is by going beyond the stage of possibilites and moving into the reality of action and choice that The Magician gives concrete expression to his situation. The Magician indicates a beginning.  Reasoning is quick.  There is no lack of astuteness and talent; all that remains is to take action.  This card also indicates the necessity of choosing, deciding, to go into mourning for the “everything is possible” that is the mark of youth.”

The Galactic Center is literally the original point from which our entire galaxy emerged, and asteroid Psyche represents the soul’s journey incarnated in a body.  The Magician embodies the mystery of “As Above, So Below” from the macrocosm of the Universe to the microcosm of an individual person.  When we first incarnate, everything is possible.  Then when we become aware of ourselves, aware of our journey, aware of our power to create reality, we lose the attitude that everything is possible.  We choose which possibilities to commit to.  The mark of maturity is the ability to make a conscious choice of what to create and how to create it.

Solstice Sun – King of Wands

“I conquer and take posession in a direct, simple manner without any frills.  I ignore political and diplomatic strtegies.  When it comes to conquering, I act.  I dominate.  I assume the power of life and death over all.  When it comes to creating, I have no doubts.  Valor never poses any problem for me.  I never allow my authority to be questioned.  It is my actions and my works that define me.”

The King of Wands perfectly represents the Sun entering Capricorn, with a drive to acquire that could be either passionate or ruthless.  The Sun’s conjunction to Psyche and the Galactic Center in Sagittarius gives us access to levels of power that we can only see if we make room for possibilities beyond the limits of what we are capable of understanding logically.  When the Magician and King of Wands are placed side by side you can see that they are perfect mirror images of each other.

Cancer Full Moon – VIII Justice

“Balance and perfection are not synonymous with symmetry… Justice is inviting us to avoid perfectionism. The requirement for perfection is inhuman inasmuch as what is perfect is set and unsurpassable, therefore dead.  (The asymmetry of this card) displays the instability that is proper to Nature.” 

Justice is a fascinating card for the Full Moon in Cancer.  As major arcana 8, it is the thematic mirror of major arcana 18, which is, of course, The Moon.  The Moon is not “perfect” when it is full- all phases are valuable, beautiful, and important. Justice shows us that our emotional state, and therefore our reality, is always in flux like the Moon, and it only stops changing because of a literal or metaphorical death.  When the Moon becomes full on the first degree of the sign it rules, we are being encouraged to acknowledge that there is no perfect life, there is no perfect plan. Justice is the card of balance, connecting the Moon to Hekate at Zero Libra and the commitment to trusting in our own crown of stars to light the path forward into the new year.


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