Mars Enters Aries – Sun Conjunct Saturn – and – The Throat Chakra

January 1st 2019: The Moon meets Venus for the third time since Venus has risen as the morning star, symbolizing Inanna’s descent through the third gate, the cleansing of the throat chakra. The throat chakra is our multidimensional organ for speech and all other nonverbal forms of communication. We use it to express our individual life force and contribute to the vibrational information in our environment, an interactive connection that informs the development of our identity through the expression of our Voice. The astrology of the Moon-Venus conjunction teaches us about what is blocking our throat chakras. 



Asteroid Prometheus and Ceres are close to the Moon and Venus at 24° Scorpio, and asteroid Apophis forms an exact square from 24° Aquarius.  This gives me insights into how we use our Voice in startling situations where we are required to defend ourselves.  

Earlier on the evening of December 31st, Mars entered Aries, the sign of his rulership.  Rulership indicates the sign where a planet’s energies are unrestrained.  And Mars unrestrained can be in complete disregard of consequences, reckless, inefficient, overkill. Bombs, explosions.

Even when we must defend ourselves from a legitimate threat, it is very possible with Mars in Aries to go overboard in a way that causes self-damage.

Prometheus in Scorpio is psychic foresight, anticipation and acknowledgement of unseeable and unknowable risks. Ceres in Scorpio brings the wisdom of how to use that foresight for the greater good of all. Prometheus and Ceres join the Moon and Venus representing Inanna as she descends through the throat chakra gate on her journey down into the underworld, schooling us on how not to use our voices.

Miniature from Al Qazwini Wonders of Creation via Islamic and Ottoman Astrology


Also happening on January 1st, and perhaps the strongest influence during this transition to a new year, is the Sun transiting conjunct Saturn at 11° Capricorn.  When the Sun joined Saturn at Zero Capricorn on winter solstice 2017, that symbolized for many of us that we were starting over from ground zero, building a new life. 2018 was a year of laying the foundation. Throughout 2019 we will carve a new level of progress through the unrestrained powers of Saturn in the sign of his rulership: lazer focused on the plan without distraction, indefatigable persistence, and committment to building the House.

January 19th-21st, Mars in Aries transits square Saturn in Capricorn during the Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The Mars-Saturn square maximizes the ruthlessness of both planets, so even if we are able to restrain our energy and use our Voices wisely, we are very likely to be affected by others who are going way over the top with their anger and even urges to violence.  The lunar eclipse will guarantee that the choices we make during the Mars-Saturn square will have long-lasting, possibly permanent consequences. This makes the current meditation on the throat chakra even more important for us for the upcoming month, to not only control our actions, but to control our reactions to others who are out of control.


Betty Brader – 1965 Perennial Woman Calendar – April


The cycle that begins with Sun conjunct Saturn on January 1st develops with Saturn stationing retrograde conjunct the south node in April, and remains within 1 degree of the mean lunar south node from April to September. 2019 will not only test the foundations we laid in 2018, but it will test everything that we have learned so far in life (as individual incarnations, as well as the cumulative knowledge of previous lives).

For so many of us, there is nothing left to learn.  What we face in the year ahead is a massive level-up of wisdom.  There will be a tendency to feel like we have to do everything the hard way to do it right, but this isn’t always true.  The new year’s astrology of Mars entering Aries, Sun conjunct Saturn, and Inanna’s descent through the throat chakra gate is an amazing opportunity to acknowledge that a new level of self-discipline and self-control is the key to moving foward, moving up, working harder and working smarter.

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.” -T. S. Eliot.


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