Sun Conjunct Psyche


December 19th 2018: Psyche’s solar conjunction at 27° Sagittarius, aligned with the Galactic Center.  My research related to this conjunction is leading me to uncover layer after layer of incredible insights into the orbit of Psyche and her amazing relationship with the center of our solar system, and the center of the milky way.

The Basic Facts

Psyche makes a complete circle around the zodiac in exactly five years, and in that time the Sun meets her in conjunction four times, in four different signs, one of which is Sagittarius. Every five years like clockwork, Sun-Psyche conjunctions happen in nearly the exact same place, and with each passing cycle the conjunctions creep forward incrementally through the degrees. And in our lifetimes, Sun-Psyche conjunctions in Sagittarius have been moving closer and closer to the Galactic Center.

Five years ago, in 2013, was the first Sun-Psyche conjunction to take place after both the Sun and Psyche completed their conjunctions to the Galactic Center.  And every five years for the next several decades, on years ending with 3 and 8, the days leading up to winter solstice will be marked by the Sun and Psyche conjunct the Galactic Center.

The Soul of the Asteroid Belt

Asteroid Psyche was the 16th asteroid ever discovered.  She is the most massive metallic asteroid and 10th largest asteroid overall, making her the brightest (most reflective) object in the asteroid belt.  She seems to be composed mostly of iron, and her composition indicates that she is all that remains of a protoplanet that was ripped apart, leaving only the core.

According to, “Another word for the place where your thoughts come from is your psyche. Not your actual brain, but whatever it is that generates all of your thoughts and emotions. Psyche comes from the Greek psykhe, which means “the soul, mind, spirit, or invisible animating entity which occupies the physical body.”” I find this to be a truly moving metaphor, to compare the soul that animates a person’s brain with thoughts and feelings, to the core that animates a planet with a magnetic field.

We call Psyche an asteroid now because she never got to fulfill her potential to become a planet.  But as a gleaming bare core she represents the pure soul, unencumbered by whatever her body might have been.  And as such, she reflects more light from the Sun than any other body in the asteroid belt.

Sun, Psyche, and the Galactic Center

The Sun is of course the mothership for all life in the solar system, and like Psyche reflects sunlight, our souls reflect our relationship with source, or in other words, our souls reflect our life force.  Combined in alignment with the mothership for all solar systems in the galaxy, we have access to levels of power that are beyond logical comprehension.

From Lynda Hill’s Sabian Symbols, on the degree of the Galactic Center:

“THE SCULPTOR’S VISION IS SLOWLY BUT SURELY TAKING FORM: This Symbol shows the ability, or the necessity, of being able to project one’s visions, thoughts or ideals out into the world so that they take form and come into conscious manifestation. This is the degree of the Galactic Center and it holds an enormous charge of energy and power, something not to be taken lightly. There is a responsibility inherent in this degree for you to understand that your thoughts will often take shape, so be careful about what you think! You may find yourself in situations where you can manipulate events into something of value and lasting integrity. Slow, painstaking work will bring rewards as things come to fruition. You are able to project shape and form onto materials to have a desired outcome. Follow your “Vision”, be creative; picture an outcome and watch it materialize!”


The Center of the Milky Way Galaxy in infrared- Spitzer Space Telescope

Chart and Configurations

The triple conjunction of the Sun, Psyche, and Galactic Center at 27° Sagittarius is perfectly positioned in aspect to Uranus 28° Aries and the north node 28° Cancer, creating a “learning triangle.” Eros, Venus, and Neptune are in aspect with each other, forming an identical triangular pattern.

A learning triangle configuration is comprised of a square, quincunx, and trine, which can reveal symbols that represent a problem, how to transmute it, and the desired outcome.


Uranus square the north node: It is necessary to make a radical departure from the way things have always been done, especially concerning family and the toll it takes on us personally to care for children, elderly parents, and/or anyone else who depends on us.

North node quincunx Sun-Psyche: “Any idiot can face a crisis – it’s day to day living that wears you out.” -Anton Chekhov.  It is the little things that make the biggest difference in how our lives unfold.  So often, when we make what we perceive as a major life choice, we do not get the results we envisioned that choice would bring.  So often, it is the choices that seem insignificant, little changes in the almost unnoticeable everyday reactions and routines, that can incrementally develop our lives into alignment with our soul’s desire.

Sun-Psyche trine Uranus: Explosion of creativity, inspiration, rapture.  Radical new definitions of self beyond the isolated individual.  Suddenly, and startlingly, finding a way to make a change that previously seemed impossible.  Plot twist.

What’s Eros Got To Do With It?

Eros is one of the most fascinating charachters in all of mythology to me, and one of the most difficult to capture his essence, precisely because it is one of his defining charachteristics to want to hide himself.

Eros square Neptune: depicts his conflicting desires.  His desire to experience sacred union for himself was in such extreme conflict with his childish role as mischevious matchmaker, that he “accidentally” shoots himself… falls in love with Psyche… goes to extreme lengths to make her happy… but hides from her… and then when she finally sees him, he runs away.

At that point in the myth, Eros exits the stage and the focus goes to Psyche and her four epic tasks.  He doesn’t re-enter the story until the end, ready to reveal himself and fully participate in sacred union with his soulmate.  I wonder what kind of experiences Eros had to endure to mature him for that?

Eros quincunx Venus in Scorpio: Eros humbles himself to the divine feminine.  He humbles himself to his mother, and he humbles himself to his lover.  He grows up and leaves his childish ways behind.  Instead of shooting arrows for sport to play with the lives of mortals, he acknowledges his own divine masculine power to use his arrows in service to his higher purpose- to be a matchmaker for soulmates and twin flames so all of us humans can experience sacred union and ascend, instead of random obsessions and lust that keep us trapped in lower vibrational consciousness.

Which finally brings us to Venus trine Neptune, which is an aspect that has a very compatible energy signature to Psyche herself: It is a committment to fantasy. Not fantasy as in delusion, but fantasy as the dimension-penetrating visions of the third eye. A vibrant soul is filled with longing to achieve her dreams, never giving up on the true desires of the heart. Any disappointments or setbacks only strengthen her resolve, and strengthen her ability to purposefully create the things she wants to have in her life.

This breathtaking artwork depicts the imagined planet that asteroid Psyche could have been, and I find it absolutely thrilling to see the parallel between the science of the Psyche asteroid, and the human soul and body, and all the possibilities in our lives that could flourish if we are able to fully realize our potentials.

The sculptor’s vision is slowly but surely taking form.


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