Chiron Station Direct

December 8th 2018: Chiron Station Direct at 27° Pisces.  These are his final days in the sign of Pisces- he will re-enter Aries in February 2019 and will remain there until the year 2027.

Chiron first entered Aries on April 17th 2018, stationed retrograde at 2° Aries on July 4th, and returned to Pisces on September 25th.  Including the shadow periods before and after the retrograde, Chiron travels between 27° Pisces and 2° Aries from March of 2018 to March of 2019.

These same degrees were crossed three times by Venus during her retrograde from Aries to Pisces in the spring of 2017. For the next several years, Chiron’s retrogrades in Aries will take place inside the same track marked by Venus Rx 2017, but Chiron Rx 2018 is the only one that also crosses the World Axis spring equinox point of Zero Aries.


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Venus crossed from Aries(birth) to Pisces (the womb) and then back into Aries, born again. Chiron’s transit across that same path is a resurrection.

From the approach of mythological archetypes, I have always felt that two specific stories about Jesus Christ perfectly represent the lessons of Chiron in Pisces:

Jesus spoke to the woman at the well, even though their cultures made any kind of contact between the two basically unacceptable. Chiron in Pisces asks us, are we willing to shake off the shackles of our acquired hang-ups to love without discrimination?

Jesus forgave his persecutors for their spiritual blindness while he was hanging bleeding and impaled on the cross. Chiron in Pisces asks us, are we willing to look at our pain, our damage, our brokenness, our loss, and really choose to believe that we could never have become our best selves without it?

And of course, the most prominent and meaningful myth about Jesus is that he rose from the dead! Embodying this idea in our own lives when Chiron re-enters Aries, depends on how well we have learned/mastered those lessons, which began with Chiron’s first ingress into Pisces in May 2010.

Self Made Man – Bobbie Carlyle



The complex and stunning aspect pattern for Chiron Station Direct features a mystic rectangle of Chiron, Sedna, Mercury, and Hekate, aligned into a grand sextile with the lunar nodes (which are also T-squared by Uranus in Aries). I’ll break it down piece by piece.

Chiron Sextile Sedna

This is the fifth and final sextile between Chiron in Pisces and Sedna in Taurus. The first four were closest in June/July 2016, March 2017, Sept. 2017, and Jan/Feb. 2018. This has been synchronistic with Sedna’s conjunction to fixed star Algol, which represents the severed head of Medusa in the Perseus constellation.

The myths of Medusa and Sedna have common threads: Medusa had a non-consensual experience with Poseidon, Sedna was thrown into the ocean; both of them were transformed into animal-hybrid immortals; both female figures are powerful symbols of the rage of betrayal and women’s suffering. We are in a five year window of crossover between these myths: Sedna’s extremely slow orbit has extended her conjunction to Algol from June of 2015 to June of 2020.

Algol is from the same root word as Alcohol, and Medusa is from the same root word as Medicine.  The dose makes the poison.  Anything can hurt us, if we overdo it.  Anything can heal us, in the right amount. The sextile to Chiron, wounded healer, has been an opportunity for depth transformation around issues of suffering, and also for fine-tuning a healthy approach to dealing with embodied manifestations of our trauma such as scars, mutilations, or incurable illness.

Chiron Opposite Hekate

Asteroid Hekate is slowing down and will station retrograde at 2° Libra, extending her opposition to Chiron until March of 2019, across the World Axis.  With the wounded healer on the Spring Equinox degree, and the crossroads oracle on the Fall Equinox degree, this is a breakthrough opportunity to access the cleansing and clarifying ecstasy underneath our depression. (Ecstasy not meaning pleasure, Ecstasy meaning an altered mental state of spiritual awareness.)

My devotion to Hekate has helped me transform my relationship with depression, which was a constant presence in my life from as early as I can remember. Instead of fighting it, or wallowing in it, I learned how to sit with it.  It became the Black Dog of the triple goddess, waiting with me at the crossroads. And as I sat with my depression without judgement, I began to observe distinct layers in it.  Some of those layers were anger, some of those layers were fear.  These layers were/are reactions to the circumstances that placed the trauma in my life stream- and when I am able to separate the anger and fear from the pure ecstasy of grief, Hekate comes to meet me.

Hekate’s trine to Sedna is a loving acknowledgement that depression is a natural and normal response to trauma that leaves permanent damage, and connecting back to Chiron reminds us that while we may not all be able to rid our lives of depression completely, we can transform our orientation to it.

Chiron Trine Mercury and Sekhmet

Mercury’s presence in this configuration is extended by his recent station direct at 27° Scorpio, so he has been relatively motionless opposite Sedna, sextile Hekate, and in grand water trine with the north node and Chiron.  And now he’s joined by asteroid Sekhmet to trine Chiron as he stations direct.

This is the major point of magic for me, the Lady of Lightning, Who Protects Her Children, Who Opens The Way, Devourer, activating and processing the interactions of Chiron, Hekate, and Sedna as she meets motionless Mercury in Scorpio, the unveiled mind.

Uranus Square The Lunar Nodes

Uranus retrograde re-entered Aries in November, not too long before the north node entered Cancer.  Their square lasts for months, and the effect may be plainly obvious, but it is more likely the type of aspect that we will look back on from down the road and identify this time period as, when everything changed. Specifically in regards to family dynamics: managing the demands of caring for ourselves while caring for those who depend on us; embracing vulnerability and learning to trust and rely on others to care for us, too.


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