Tarot Clarity: Lilith 29° Capricorn and Grand Earth Trine

On August 5th 2018, the Lion’s Gate opens with Black Moon Lilith’s ingress into Aquarius. Lilith is the mean lunar apogee, the point in the moon’s elliptical orbit that is farthest from the Earth. Lilith is a creator/destroyer that unifies and transcends opposites.  She is most closely associated in modern times with the violent chasm that separates obsolete religious cultural ideals of “good women/mothers” and “queers/whores” as more and more people wake up and free themselves from the lies about sex and identity that have been repeated and enforced for centuries. Black Moon Lilith, in natal position and in transit, can reveal the ways this chasm can manifest, and it also points the way to independence and reunification of the shattered parts.

A few hours before Lilith enters Aquarius, the Moon transits 29° Taurus, forming a grand earth trine with Lilith 29° Capricorn and Venus 29° Virgo.  The Moon is joined by Sedna; Venus is joined by asteroid Prometheus; Lilith is joined by Mars retrograde.


For insights into this grand trine, and specifically Lilith’s transition from Capricorn to Aquarius, I drew a card from the Marseille Tarot for each.

  • Moon 29° Taurus: 4 of Swords
  • Sedna 27° Taurus: 10 of Cups
  • Lilith 29° Capricorn: XV the Devil
  • Mars Rx 1° Aquarius: Page of Wands
  • Venus 29° Virgo: IIII the Emperor
  • Prometheus 29° Virgo: 4 of Wands


The Emperor is the number one card associated with Aries and Mars, Yang, masculine declaration of borders, territory.  Thrilling to draw this card for Venus as she is about to enter the sign she Rules- meeting Lilith in a trine as she enters Aquarius, Lilith conjunct Mars Rx infusing Venus with the qualities that she uses to march into Libra like the Emperor claiming her space.

The Emperor is major arcana IIII, in resonance with the 4 of Wands (Prometheus) and 4 of Swords (the Moon). Four represents the moment something becomes manifest, when the action of the three creates a stable entity.  Prometheus as the 4 of Wands represents a desire that has become reality.  Prometheus is at the end of his extended transit through Virgo after a brutal retrograde that featured three trines to Pluto and three oppositions to Neptune.

To Learn About Prometheus In Virgo, Read More With Planetary Clarity:


Prometheus as the 4 of Wands reflects back to Mars as the Page of Wands.  While Prometheus holds the first established manifestation of the new dream, Mars is not in Knight mode ready to take it to the Yang.  Mars is retrograde, in Aquarius, conjunct the south node, and locked into aspects with Lilith and Emperor Venus.  Mars is humble, in service to the divine feminine.

The Moon is also connected to IIII Emperor as the 4 of Swords, representing an idea that has become a reality.  The Moon’s companion is Sedna, magically paired with the 10 of cups. Sedna can symbolize the emotional experiences of rage, stubbornness, revenge, self-harm and cruelty that results from being severely traumatized and/or severely betrayed. 10 of Cups is the card of emotional fulfillment, the full experience relished, satisfaction in completion, and letting go.  This tells me a lot about Lilith’s ingress into Aquarius.  Peace with Sedna- reaching the end of the emotional experience that Sedna represents, and transcending the patterns of behavior that make us victims, abusers, and saviors.

The Devil card as Lilith shows us that in order to heal a chasm we need to go all the way to the bottom.


The synthesis of masculine and feminine energies, watercolor by Arif Turan



There are signs all around us in our culture that men are at a turning point. By the millions, men are waking up to the reality that for generations, masculinity has been enforced by severely punishing any behaviors or traits associated with femininity for being shameful and weak, and this reflects in the way they have been socialized to treat feminine identified people.  I see them, they are seeking a new definition of what it means to be a man, learning to allow themselves to form a new relationship with the entire human family through service to the sacred feminine.  This is a difficult path and I am honored to witness the beauty and bravery that it takes to explore the new divine masculine frontier.

I think in some ways it is even harder for women to do their half of this work.  In a world still ruled by toxic masculinity it had been the best strategy for us to gather in female-oriented groups and work together to raise the goddess in spaces carved away from men.  So many of us are not able to connect with the divine masculine after the damage of generations of christian training about “God.” Plus, popular culture has really bombarded us extra for the past two decades with expertly crafted idols- energetic vampires that exploit this need of women to connect to sacred masculinity, influencing a generation of women to feel empowered by engaging in toxic masculine behaviors and sexual warfare.  Women, just as much as men, need to rethink how domination and control have become a part of our identities, our relationships, and how we express our feelings.



Stay tuned to Planetary Clarity for more on the astrology of the 2018 Lion’s Gate, in full swing August 7th with Lughnasadh (the midpoint between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox) Sun conjunct Mercury, and Uranus station Retrograde.


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