Lion’s Gate Perigee Moon Zero Leo

On August 5th 2018, the Lion’s Gate opened with Black Moon Lilith’s ingress into Aquarius. Lilith is the mean lunar apogee, the point in the moon’s elliptical orbit that is farthest from the Earth. When Lilith enters Aquarius, the mean lunar perigee enters Leo. In other words, during Lilith’s transit through Aquarius, the Moon will be closest to Earth when it is transiting through the sign of the Lion Heart. 

On August 7th and 8th: Lughnasadh, the cross-quarter day marking the midpoint between summer solstice and fall equinox, Uranus station retrograde, and Sun conjunct Mercury.

The Moon will transit its perigee point at Zero Leo on the night of August 9th, opposite Mars retrograde Zero Aquarius (crossing over Lilith on the 10th and re-entering Capricorn on the 12th).  This opposition is beyond potent- the Moon is as close to the Earth as it can get, and Mars is still near as close as it can get to Earth after his recent solar opposition.  A Lion’s Gate opposition illuminating lessons about fear and anger, self-expression and self-containment, the difference between a permeable membrane and a brick wall.  

Moon opposite Mars/Lilith forms a mystic rectangle aspect pattern with my most personally anticipated astrological event of the year: Prometheus in Libra opposite Chiron in Aries, exact on August 13th.


Prometheus entered Virgo in September of 2017, and stationed retrograde in January 2018 just short of completing an opposition to Chiron in Pisces.  Over the course of his Virgo retrograde he formed three trines to Pluto in Capricorn and three oppositions to Neptune in Pisces.  Read Prometheus and Chiron with Planetary Clarity to see a list of dates for those transits. Those dates align with lazer synchronicity to major events in my life over the past eight months that tell the tale of my journey through what I perceived to be punishments, to arrive at this destination with Prometheus in Libra and find my transcendence and liberation from these punishments -these perceptions- in the Lion’s Gate.  Exactly as I wrote in January, all three transits of Prometheus opposite Neptune warped our understanding of what we are and aren’t capable of achieving, and all three transits of Prometheus trine Pluto were points of no return. Deep reflection on the journey of Prometheus over the past year is providing the exact insights most relevant to unlocking the secrets of the Zero Leo Perigee Moon opposite Mars retrograde and Lilith in the smoldering days leading up to the partial solar eclipse in Leo.

Stay tuned to Planetary Clarity to read more about the Leo New Moon partial solar eclipse on August 11th, and Prometheus in Libra opposite Chiron in Aries on August 13th.


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