Lion’s Gate Uranus Station Retrograde -and- Sun conjunct Mercury

On August 7th, Uranus stations retrograde, turning on the black light for the 2018 Lion’s Gate and what is already shaping up to be one of the biggest timeline shifts of 2018.  Look back to the partial solar eclipse in Aquarius on February 15th, and the ingress of Uranus into Taurus on May 15th, to connect the dots.

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Uranus is stationing retrograde at 2° Taurus, forming a quincunx to his planetary ruler Venus, who crossed into Libra on August 6th.  Uranus and Venus form a web of aspects with Saturn, Chiron, Lilith, and Mars.


Venus has just entered Libra, the sign of her rulership, forming a perfect trine to Lilith and Mars retrograde at Zero Aquarius.  In the Tarot spread I drew for these placements, Venus is the Emperor, marching into her territory and claiming her space.  Hard aspects between Venus and Saturn highlight form and its function- beauty is frivolous if it serves no purpose.  Many things that look good have no practical value.  The key is in Saturn’s trine to Uranus (integrity) and Saturn’s square to Chiron (taking a stand).  The better you know the “what, why, and how” of your lived felt experiences, the more control you have to build a meaningful, fulfilling life.  Leveling up means you know better, so now you can do better.

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The challenge between Uranus and Mars/Lilith highlights self control.  When impulses and emotions are raging, the solution is Emperor Venus- the combined masculine/feminine essence of crafting an arena for your emotions to play themselves out in a way that serves you, heals you, lifts you up.  Chiron in the T-square makes it impossible to exclude our melancholia, despair, and anger.  Emperor Venus claims space for everything we are capable of feeling.

Björk as the embodiment of Emperor Venus. Photo by Santiago Felipe


It is starting to become clear- all the darkness and difficulty of 2017, and most of 2018 so far, has been preparation for the new timeline only now beginning to take its shape.  Uranus stationing retrograde primes it all for a major plot twist.  In the past 24 hours I have received two different, unrelated, astonishing unexpected messages from my soul family- things coming soon to alter my reality, new connections that will change my life forever.

Also interesting, I had three appointments for different types of counsel (therapy, occult, and legal) all ended up needing to be re-scheduled, and synchronized with Mercury retrograde’s solar conjunction, which also includes asteroid Athena, goddess of wisdom and strategy.

This chart is beyond intense, with the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Saturn, and Neptune, all in the sign of their rulerships. All of the aspects on the previous chart for Uranus Retrograde are still active in addition to the configuration highlighted below:


Jupiter and Psyche’s transit through Scorpio has been a shocking education, as many of us have come face to face with things that were once hidden, things we once subconsciously spent tons of energy concealing, even from ourselves.  While Jupiter has shone the spotlight on the subconscious forms taking up too much space, Psyche has explored the stream of energy that has been freed from its previous task of hiding and maintaining.  Their trines to Neptune in Pisces have spun the shadow kaleidoscope, giving us a psychedelic new view of what is possible when it comes to processing and integrating our hidden inner darkness. And, in context of Venus square Saturn, this means an adjustment in our assumptions about form and function, and how the way we conceptualize our resources has a direct influence on how we use them, and how this translates into our capability to meet our own needs.


Cutlery Set – Salvador Dali – 1957

The connections to Ceres in Virgo (Nurturing; Order) and Juno in Taurus (Boundaries; Growth) remind us that we are not isolated islands doing this work alone.  All traumatic experiences come to us through relationships, so for many the road to healing appears to be ending or avoiding relationships.  This idea connects back to the quincunx between Venus and Uranus.  Healing is not found in removing oneself from relationships.  Healing is found through working on relationships- honestly examining how roles are played, actions and reactions, patterns and assumptions.  In the past is has been so common for people to scapegoat their shadow onto someone else, to then dramatically cut that person out of their life, only to continue struggling with the same shadow inside themselves.  These patterns are now broken, either through awakening and comittment to healing, or through denial leading to a complete crash and burn.

Stay tuned to Planetary Clarity for more on the astrology of the 2018 Lion’s Gate, continuing August 9th with the Moon’s ingress into Leo followed by the Leo New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse.


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