Capricorn Full Moon Conjunct Pluto, Trine Psyche: The Soul Contract

Saturday, July 8th 2017: At 17° Cancer, the Sun sits at the exact degree occupied by Pluto on the day of his discovery in 1930.  Pluto has reached his opposition to that degree, and in many ways we are seeing the peak of cycles that began when Pluto entered the public’s awareness as a planet and as a subconscious force.  Asteroid Psyche forms a trine to the Full Moon and Pluto- speaking of Pluto’s discovery, Pluto’s closest aspect on the day he was discovered at 17° Cancer was a trine to Psyche at 18° Pisces. Absolutely amazing that they are recreating this aspect during Pluto’s first opposition to the degree of his discovery, and during this epic full moon.

This is the closest conjunction to Pluto of any Capricorn Full Moon since 2010, and by far the most climactic Capricorn Full Moon since Pluto entered Capricorn.  All of the lessons that Pluto has brought to each of us since 2007 are now manifested to a level of completion, a cosmic punctuation mark-  we’re at the end of a chapter.  The next chapter begins with Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn on Winter Solstice.

As I ponder the chart of this full moon in context of Saturn soon entering Capricorn, I find myself wanting to know more about Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guards the portal to the Underworld.  He lets anyone enter, but lets no one leave (With some notable exceptions of course). Pluto’s small moon discovered in 2011 was named Kerberos.  Asteroid 1865 Cerberus is currently at 29 Aries, conjunct Uranus.


“Cursed Wolf” by Seedy Studios on Etsy

Most importantly, Hercules’ capture of Cerberus is the task that Dana Gerhardt ascribes to the sign of Capricorn. (Please read that article for incredible in-depth insights on the crossover between Saturn’s rulership of Capricorn, and Underworld/Pluto themes.)

Capricorn is the sign of Earth’s southern solstice, where the majority of Earth’s landforms are having their longest, darkest nights.  This is the Underworld on the wheel of the year.  From 2007-2024, Pluto transits Capricorn, intensifying Underworld themes with the presence of the god once known as Hades.  The electrifying mutual reception of Saturn sextile Pluto (when Saturn was in Scorpio) hinted at the depth that these strict forces would reach when they finally join in Saturn’s sign.  An examination of the principles of Saturn and Capricorn has led me to learn about the different types of businesses and corporations, and study the value systems that inform the creation of these various entities, providing a glimpse into the way that the principles of Capricorn are manifesting in consciousness today.  And I have found that many of the Capricornian lessons that embody Saturn in the business world, are universally relevant lessons (“Be your own boss”, “Share profits wisely”, “Limit your liability”).

So what does this all have to do with Cerberus?  In the realm of Pluto-and-soon-Saturn in the Capricorn Underworld, Cerberus is the enforcer of contracts- with Psyche in the picture, I see Cerberus as the enforcer of soul contracts.

Psyche, with her butterfly wings, represents the pure soul, and in astrology she reveals the journey that individual souls embark on to pursue their inherent longing for illumination. Wild Sister Magazine defines a soul contract as “the agreement that your soul makes in order to progress it’s growth while in this lifetime. This is where your soul agrees to the kinds of karmic lessons you’ll learn, experiences you’ll have, and circumstances you’ll find yourself in during this lifetime.”

Other than Persephone, Psyche is one of the only mythical figures that can pass Cerberus and exit the Underworld.  This speaks volumes to the nature of the soul, and the soul contracts that we sign in order to incarnate.

We are free beings that cannot be bound to the Underworld, because we belong to the Earth.

This full moon promises to illuminate the full extent of the chasm between this truth and the current state of our souls.

Psyche in the Underworld, Paul-Alfred de Curzon


The moon reaches 100% fullness at 9:07pm, at moonrise on the west coast.  If you have clear skies, keep an eye out for Saturn nearby- while he is nowhere near the brightest object in the sky, he is shining pretty much as bright as he can get after his recent northern solstice and solar opposition.



Black Moon Lilith is building conjunction to Saturn in Sagittarius; in Cancer, the Sun is building towards conjunction with Mars.  Sun quincunx Lilith, and Mars quincunx Saturn, are both deeply frustrating aspects, isolating and difficult to navigate.  We might feel like others are pushing us away, or we may be the ones pushing others away, and we feel incredible pressure to deliver or complete something important, and under these energies it feels like we are all on our own.

This can be terrifying, or it can actually be empowering when we consider the solitary nature of incarnating as a human individual with our own unique soul contract (Psyche).  The relationships we form may guide us and influence us in major ways as we explore our karma, our journeys intertwine, but ultimately our choices are our own to make, our manifestations are our own responsibility. In this configuration, Sun sextile Psyche is the tool for claiming the staggering work of growing, maturing, and evolving your consciousness within this lifetime.

Asteroid Vesta is transiting conjunct the north node in Leo, together forming an exact square to Sedna in Taurus.  I can’t think of a more beautiful and concise expression of a soul contract’s karmic challenge.  Sedna represents trauma, betrayal, mutilation, and achieving personal power through holy rage.  Vesta represents the inner hearth, the radiance of the soulflame in the heartspace as an indicator of interdimensional health.  Together, Sedna and Vesta aligned with the lunar nodes, represents a rich tapestry woven from “positive” and “negative” experiences that teach us about who we are as souls, and why our souls are here in these bodies.  We have everything we need to take full responsibility for the choices and manifestations that express the nature of our soul contracts during this epic Capricorn Full Moon, conjunct Pluto, and trine Psyche.

Your soul contract is your birthright.  Ultimately, your soul is in control.  This is what gives Psyche the power to pass Cerberus.


Psyche and Cerberus, 1838, Pietro Galli




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