Jupiter conjunct Psyche, opposite Isis

January 29th 2018: The first exact conjunction of Jupiter and asteroid Psyche 21° Scorpio, opposite asteroid Isis 21° Taurus. At the moment that Psyche falls into perfect alignment with Jupiter, the Moon is 19° Cancer exact opposite Pluto 19° Capricorn.


Jupiter and Psyche are separating from their first sextile to Pluto, their planetary ruler- but they will both station retrograde and sextile Pluto twice more in 2018. These aspects will require us to focus on the things that cannot be explained by our current beliefs and be willing to un-learn anything that is preventing us from truly and thoroughly understanding the energetic structures at the foundation of our world.

As the Moon connects to Pluto it opens the floodgates of desperation, confusion, feeling lost, as well as the exhilaration of freedom that comes with knowing we are on the verge of something new. Letting go of cherished and deeply worn beliefs is never easy, feeling all the highs and lows simultaneously is a normal part of the process. A few hours later, the Moon reaches 21° Cancer, connecting to the Jupiter-Psyche conjunction by trine and asteroid Isis by sextile. Trines flow naturally with no effort required; sextiles flow the same way, but require effort.  Isis is the key to all of this dark emotional processing. Isis is the solar radiating goddess that can be found in our Sun and in the center of our galaxy.  Tune into Isis to connect to the Center, and feel her outward radiation of lovelight surrounding you and encompassing the whirling tornado of emotions that have arisen to be purged.

Isis by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich

Venus in Aquarius is poised to cross the south node and the Sun is locked into opposition with Ceres for the Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 31st.  Stay tuned to Planetary Clarity for all this and more.



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