Virgo New Moon, Uranus and Persephone

August 30th 2019: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Juno form a stellium in Virgo spanning nine degrees, all trine Uranus, marking the end of August with paralyzing shock. The New Moon at 6° Virgo forms an exact trine to Uranus Rx 6° Taurus, and grand earth trine with asteroid Persephone 5° Capricorn, reinforcing the mood of basically being in Hell. We’re taught that Hell is a place of punishment and pain, and many of us have reactively decided that there is no such thing.
Hades is a place. But the pain is not a punishment, and you do not have to stay there forever.

Monica Sjöö Mother Earth

Monica Sjöö

The collective has turned a blind eye to deforestation for decades, dismissing environmental activists as fringe kooks and voluntarily giving billions of dollars to corporations that are the most responsible, in exchange for coffee and fast food. And now, Uranus stationed retrograde on August 11th reveals the truth: the Amazon is in agony, and most of our bodies are in similar condition.

All personal planets obscured by the glare of the Sun in Virgo feels ice cold.  When matters of life and death hang over our heads and there is nothing we can control but our own attempts to manage the wounds we already have… Numb, when faced with our own powerlessness (and with Saturn exact on the south node the spotlight is on a sense of lack, the resources we need but do not have, the things we built and then lost).

Persephone stationed direct on August 24th, and will spend the rest of 2019 transiting conjunct the south node, Saturn, and Pluto.  I walk through the valley of the shadow of death all alone but I fear no evil because I AM Inanna, consciousness is a spiral, and I’ve been in this cave before.
Persephone’s previous transit of Capricorn was from December 24th 2013 to March 15th 2014. It was during that exact time period that chronic pain took over my life and transformed who I thought I was and what I was capable of, in ways that I perceived as mutilation and loss, powerless to control, forced to find power in surrender.

Expanding to make room for more sorrow is a survival skill- it’s one that can easily go wrong, creating habits that reinforce tendencies antithetical to thriving- but when situations that we can’t control, require us to survive, expanding to make room for more sorrow is a survival skill.

We romanticise the Underworld experience too much, the transformative process of letting go and learning how to find power in powerlessness and carry on, is Hell.

“My political activism grew out of my spiritual understandings of the earth as the living Mother, because the Goddess is injured wherever there is injustice, wanton cruelty, poverty, and pollution.” -Monica Sjöö

“My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure.” -Alfred Lord Tennyson


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