Tarot Clarity – Venus in the Lion’s Gate


August 1st, 2:00am on the west coast. Venus in grand trine with Saturn and Chiron, as Lilith opposite Psyche align with Uranus. All aspects within 1.5 degrees.

Let’s start with the focal point of the grand trine, Saturn stationing direct at 16 Scorpio. The card for Saturn is the Pope, a card I read with zero catholic religious affiiation. Pope (arcanum V) is the mirror of Devil (arcanum XV) same energy moving in opposite directions, bridges towards deeper truths. Devil is the bridge to collective primodial depths of maya-illusion and darkness… Pope is the bridge to cosmic source bliss, love and light. When we think of the soul alchemy of Saturn in Scorpio (since October 2012) the journey of the phoenix took us to the darkest depths, burnt down until nothing left. At this time, the energy of Saturn in Scorpio has evolved to the part of the story where the phoenix rises. Saturn is direct and will now proceed into Sagittarius… we see how this brutal journey since October 2012 has served as a bridge to a greater understanding of what embodying your higher self is all about.

Venus is arcanum XXII the World. The last time I drew a card for Venus it was XIII Death as a mirror to III Empress for Mars in Libra. When the planet of Yang was “wandering through the desert for 40 years” in Libra, Venus Yin energy was best expressed as Death, as Black Madonna, Kali, the destroying mother yin of a forest fire, or Hathor the ancient horned goddess. This balanced the complicated energetics of Mars retrograde in Libra, which stretched the boundaries of Earth’s Yin and Yang and was, in my opinion, an important battle won in the effort to undo the thousands of years of deranged yang domination of all Earth’s spirituality and economics. Now that Mars is taking this new way of being into a Scorpio transit, Venus in Cancer is finding expression through the energy of the Virgin Mary, Kuan Yin, and the warm embrace of the nest to balance the intense penetrating action of Mars in Scorpio and remind him what he learned in Libra.

Chiron as the King and Ten of Swords was the most difficult cards in this spread for me to find (one’s relationship with cards is not a relationship between a person and inanimate objects. Cards are living things and sometimes require the same effort towards communication as any human being). Ten of swords represents a stable reality tunnel that has established itself on the foundation of a conflict. To resolve this conflict requires destroying the intellectual constructs of the conflict, which destroys the reality tunnel completely. This naturally leads to a new reality tunnel emerging from creative potential. But here, the King of Swords, who rules over the intellect with the detachment of mastery, looks at the ten as if to say, “Fuck you, ten of swords. I am so over it.” Chiron is so over it.

Which brings us to Uranus, stationing retrograde at 16 Aries, as Queen of Wands/Death, embodying Uranus in Aries role as the RUDE AWAKENER. Uranus in Aries = devastating catastrophe that results in immediate consciousness raising and cleaning up your act for your survival. Queen of Wands with Death shows us that we can either be lost in the despair of feeling helpless as horrific news stories worse than our nightmares are brought to our attention every day, or we can recognize the destruction as the breaking of this shell of embodiment that will be replaced by a new embodiment of OUR dreams, intentions, and creative power.

Uranus is positioned in alignment with Lilith opposite Psyche. The focal point of this triangle is Psyche, who is retrograde, opposing Lilith for the 2nd time and sextiling Uranus for the 2nd time. (This is Uranus first trine with Lilith.) Psyche is retrograding over 15 Aquarius, the midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, the “May Day” pagan holiday where bulbed flowers first begin to point their green fingers out of the ground. Here at this highly energetically charged degree, Psyche crosses retrograde embodying the Hermit. Hermit is about turning your focus inward finding your inner light and your own true path in the desolation of solitude. Fits perfectly with May Day energy, as we celebrate the ending of the cold and barren winter, when Gaia incubates our intentions into the fruit and flowers of the future.

Directly across from Psyche, on the opposite spoke of the wheel of the year, Lilith transits the degree halfway between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox, the degree charged with the energetics of first harvest. What better cards to represent Lilith at 16 Leo than the Chariot with Nine of Pentacles. Lilith was united in a long journey of conjunction with Jupiter in Cancer, they are now together again in Leo. Lilith’s journey with Jupiter corresponds with palpable transformations around the psychic split that erases sacred female sexuality. Chariot is about the power to shape your environment to your will, and the obstacles of inertia we all must overcome. When one is comfortable then what is the impetus to move forward? The answer of course must be found within ones self. With the Nine of Pentacles as first harvest, and Lilith as the Chariot, we are seeing the Lilith-Jupiter relationship FLEX. We have grown a lot, and we are beginning to realize the possibilities of what we can now DO.

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