Capricorn Full Moon and Jupiter Retrograde

On the eve of the Capricorn Full Moon, I met my new doctor, clearly understanding how I actually manifested her, how I summoned into my reality a powerful new ally and guide on my pan-dimensional journey towards healing. As the Moon drifted across 20 Capricorn, it reflected in full the light of the Sun at 20 Cancer, the degree where Jupiter stationed retrograde in the fall of 2013…

*October 20th to November 24th, 2013.* The Sun’s entire epic 2013 transit through the sign of Scorpio took place between these dates, which included eight X-class solar flares, a new moon solar eclipse, and the entirety of Mercury’s 2013 Scorpio retrograde(crossing the north node 3x). The… whole… time… Jupiter was hanging motionless at 20 Cancer.

But I’d like to begin with the chart for where Jupiter first reached 10 Cancer in August of 2013, officially beginning the retrograde period by crossing into the shadow(the degrees that are going to be covered by the retrograde). August 12th 2013, Jupiter was joined in conjunction by Apophis and Athena in Cancer, with Mars at 20 Cancer foreshadowing Jupiter’s station.  The grand water trine with Chiron and the north node was crowded with goddesses- Athena with Jupiter, north node conjunct Persephone as Hygieia crossed the south node in Taurus, and Hekate opposite Chiron.


On the Jupiter Station Retrograde chart, November 6th 2013, Mercury was preparing to station direct at 2 Scorpio as the Sun sat exact conjunct Saturn, boiling at the absolute peak of solar maximum. Pluto square Uranus was exact at 9 degrees Capricorn/Aries, with Hekate opposite Uranus at 9 Libra making it a T-square. Apophis in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces, also at 9 degrees, joining forces with Pluto(who was transited by the Moon). Note also Hygieia retrograde crossing the south node in Taurus.


Jupiter’s retrograde brought us lengthy transits of trines and grand trines with Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces, and both of Jupiter’s main companions featured transits by aspect that illuminated the energies of Jupiter Retrograde. When Jupiter entered shadow, the Moon was conjunct Saturn, and Hekate was opposite Chiron(Heartbreaking yet powerfully honest re-assessment of the impact of our life’s work, and the strength to admit that we need to change directions). When Jupiter stationed retrograde, the Sun was conjunct Saturn, and Apophis was opposite Chiron(Either an empowered, courageous, life-changing decision to let go or even abandon a lifestyle or belief, or a devastating wild card that forced a full stop of our efforts towards what we still felt was our life work despite all evidence to the contrary).

Fast forward to the Capricorn Full Moon. WOW. Look at where we are now. My examination of the cosmic clock has painted a photorealistic portrait of the unfolding events of my own life, and this full moon is coming at a time of pure victory and achievement, and what is known as a “level-up.”


The Sun sits at 20 Cancer, Jupiter’s degree of station retrograde as Jupiter ends his transit through Cancer. Hekate in Libra forms a T-square to the full moon axis as her companions Mars, Ceres and Vesta cross the north node, Eris on the south node. Mercury and Mars are both about to exit their retrograde shadows and Saturn is stationing direct. And of course Chiron and Saturn in a grand trine with the Sun. Athena, who was conjunct Jupiter at the beginning of this journey, is now taking her turn opposite Chiron. (See Athena Opposite Chiron). This is the moment where earned knowledge and experiences transmute to wisdom. Since the fall of 2012, multiple Saturn, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter retrogrades have been continually impeding the progress we envision for ourselves, making many of us feel paralyzed, or wheels spinning at best. This full moon undoubtedly saw us achieve something great albeit very different than what we envisioned in 2012, because the personal inner evolution that occurred, changed the way we feel about our life work and achievements completely.

Maturity. Health. Independence.  Think of  your plans for reaching for these things, as they existed in your mind in the fall of 2012, before Saturn’s first retrograde in Scorpio. As we began to work towards those goals we encountered roadblocks, quicksand, barb wire and rivers full of alligators. These unforgiving circumstances forced my quest in a direction that I didn’t expect. I learned that I see health as a perfect state that I just can’t hold onto, when in reality our bodies are pieces of a poisoned and aching Gaia that does not ask us for perfection, she only asks that we love ourselves. I set out for better health and got a better understanding of health. I learned that I abuse the idea of independence by fantasizing about a life where I no longer need to depend on anyone for anything- that isn’t reality. I wanted to be more independent but I got a better definition of independence. Same goes with maturity. I can’t even explain the karmic-pattern-shattering impact of this full moon, as I level up I am seeing deeper than ever before that shame and self-respect are both choices. With this full moon I’m making the shift from seeing shame=obvious and self-respect=difficult, to shame=difficult and self-respect=obvious.

As of the time I am posting these charts, Jupiter is now in Leo, and on July 26th we will have a new moon conjunct Jupiter in Leo, square Mars who will be freshly in Scorpio. For those about to rock, Planetary Clarity salutes you. The new worlds we have manifested will experience their first challenges and there’s no reason not to be excited about it. It will be like playing the first sports match of the season- bring it on. I can’t wait to see what I can build and grow and achieve now that I am no longer in my own way.

))) ❤ (((

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