Grand Water Trine: Sun, Moon, Neptune

July 11th 2019: Scorpio Moon Magic in the transformative window between the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse and the Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Peaking at 12:00 noon on the west coast, the Moon 18° Scorpio forms a grand trine with Neptune 18° Pisces, and Sun conjunct the north node, 17° and 19° Cancer.  The […]

The Quarter Moon Between Eclipses

July 9th 2019: The first quarter moon in Libra, a critical passage of eclipse season, halfway between solar and lunar eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn. The quarter moon makes a T-square with Sun opposite Saturn and the lunar nodes. The square between Jupiter and Neptune is connected, with Sun trine Neptune and Moon sextile Jupiter. […]

Inanna’s Descent: The Root Chakra

June 1st 2019: The waning crescent Moon joins Venus at sunrise, representing the seventh gate of Inanna’s descent. This corresponds to the root chakra, which is our organ for multidimensional perceptions and expressions of safety. Our primal instincts rise up through the root chakra, and we lose our connection to these instincts when the root […]

Scorpio Full Moon Opposite Sedna

May 18th 2019: Full Moon 27° Scorpio opposite Sun conjunct Sedna 27° Taurus, the natural culmination of the lunar cycle that began with the Scorpio New Moon of November 2017, which was also exactly opposite Sedna. Read more with Planetary Clarity: In November of 2017 my entire life had been destroyed. Ripped away from my […]

Lilith in Pisces

May 3rd 2019: Lilith, the mean lunar apogee, enters Pisces. For the rest of 2019 the Moon will be furthest from Earth in Neptune’s realm of dark subconscious waters and glittering illusions, altered states and rapture. Tarot Clarity – Lilith in Pisces – Three of Swords The Tarot Clarity Gallery: Lilith in Pisces Lilith unifies […]