Eros Square Psyche Rx & Sun Conjunct Uranus

Eros in Aquarius 2023 in-depth asteroid transit astrology
by Planetary Clarity
Eros, God of Love and Desire: art by Bridge and Elizabeth Beardslee

Part One:
Eros Enters Aquarius
Eros Square the Lunar Nodes
Eros Opposite Lilith
Eros Trine Venus -and- The Heart Chakra

Throughout March and April, Mars in Cancer made a long-term quincunx to Eros as he entered Aquarius.

…The quincunx is the aspect of compartmentalization and adjustment, it is usually considered a “hard aspect” because the objects don’t have what it takes to “get along” but in many instances such as this one, it is beneficial. Mars, the embodiment of Yang, has a huge influence on the expression of Eros, and the quincunx from Cancer simply denies him the brute strength, stamina, and risk tolerance he would require to chase his whims. Eros has to sit down, face himself honestly, and count his blessings…

Indeed, part one could be summarized as “Blessings” and part two as “Challenges.” The challenges begin on May 4th with Eros square Uranus in Taurus, followed May 8th by Eros square Psyche℞ in Scorpio. The chart below is set for noon on May 9th, during Sun conjunct Uranus, when the T-square is within 1.5° orb. Sun square Eros is exact on May 12th.

When Mars withdrew his power from Eros in the long-term quincunx, Eros was tasked with introspection- the purpose of which is to clear space all around the towers in the mind where lightning might be likely to strike- the paradox of preparing for the arrival of something unexpected. The energy of Sun conjunct Uranus is impossible to anticipate.

This is the first of three squares between Eros in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. During the first week of May as the Sun transits conjunct Uranus, they make their mark on the first of two squares between Eros and Psyche in Scorpio.

The stage is set for the part of the story where Psyche is struck unconscious, retrograde in the Underworld, lost without the unforeseen benevolence of Venus (Mothering in Cancer), only a miracle can save her now…

The twist of fate, is Eros achieving maturity- he begins to understand that obsessions, whims, insecurities, and pride are incompatible with integrity. Venus didn’t awaken Psyche just because Eros matured, but, why would Venus awaken Psyche if Eros had not matured, just for him to continue to run from her? A healthy soul depends on desire being under control.

This T-square presents the challenge that Eros faced after he realized that Psyche passed every test his mother gave her, but because he still wasn’t ready for sacred union, she ultimately fell without him there to catch her. After everything she had done to prove herself worthy, her twin flame was still running away.

Often people judge their maturity based on positive evidence of mature behaviors, but it is far too easy to maintain a facade of maturity while also privately engaging in immature behaviors. We can keep no secrets from the soul. And true maturity must be measured by one’s willingness to be sober from immaturity.


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