Eros Trine Venus -and- The Heart Chakra

April 23rd 2023: The Moon joins Venus at 14° Gemini, trine Eros 14° Aquarius. This is the fifth Moon-Venus conjunction since Venus has risen as the evening star, symbolizing Inanna’s ascension through the Heart Chakra gate.

*The quincunx between Mars and Eros is within one degree orb from March 7th to April 24th. It is the defining aspect of Part One of Planetary Clarity’s Eros in Aquarius 2023 series.*
Read Eros Enters Aquarius for more about Mars in Cancer quincunx Eros.

In the days following the Aries New Moon solar eclipse, all three personal planets make contact with Eros. The trine from Venus is the most significant moment of contact between mother and son before they unite in opposition later this summer. Venus in Gemini is about the necessity of variety- and since Eros receives her separating trine surrounded by the hard aspects of Mars in Cancer and Mercury in Taurus, she is asking him to let something go.
The synchronicity of the ascending Heart Chakra gate at this moment is stunning.
It is almost never easy to understand and accept exactly what we have in our hearts that needs to be released. It is necessary to learn how to feel trust for the Universe and surrender.
Read more about Venus and The Heart Chakra with Planetary Clarity

This year as Eros transits through Aquarius, he is met by 11 aspects from Mercury, the first three of which are squares from Taurus. During the first square on April 7th, Mercury was conjunct the north node, challenging Eros to mature by using radical honesty to expand awareness of how our desires affect our behaviors and beliefs. During the second square on April 23rd, the north node is joined by the Sun and asteroid Vesta. The north node is the center of the zone where new moons become solar eclipses, and Vesta in Taurus is about acquiring sustainable resources. This provides so much incredibly rich and fertile soil for Mercury℞ to dig deep as Venus guides Eros to open his Heart.

For the rest of the month of April, Eros is challenged and inspired by Mercury℞ in Taurus with the Sun, the north node, Vesta, and Uranus. Part Two of this series begins in May with the first of three squares between Eros and Uranus.


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