Eros Opposite Lilith

*Planetary Clarity’s Eros in Aquarius 2023 Journal Guide is available for April 14th – April 16th*

The Moon’s first conjunction to Eros in Aquarius comes on the morning of April 14th, and together they form the pinnacle of a yod based from Mars sextile Prometheus℞.
Eros exacts his opposition to Lilith two days later on April 16th. This is an extremely powerful moment to harness the energetics of male and female polarity.

*The quincunx between Mars and Eros is within one degree orb from March 7th to April 24th. It is the defining aspect of Part One of Planetary Clarity’s Eros in Aquarius 2023 series.*

Eros has been cut off from the action of Mars due to the long lasting quincunx, but the precise balance of this specific configuration brings it into focus, through the lens of the Moon.
Mars, planet of the Yang principle; Eros and Prometheus, two of the most important masculine asteroids. Eros is a NEA (Near Earth Asteroid), meaning his orbit crosses between Mars and Earth (as if he is trying to get as close to Venus as possible). Prometheus is of the outer main belt, between the confidence of Jupiter and the fire of Mars.

Prometheus℞ is in Virgo, reminding us that he understood the impact of his actions and accepted the consequences. Flanked by Ceres℞, and motionless Persephone who stations direct conjunct the priestess star of Regulus at Zero Virgo on April 15th, Prometheus taps into the trance of their rituals and offers his wisdom back to Mars: Surrender doesn’t mean the world ends.
Mars is in Cancer, attempting to return to full speed ahead after stationing direct in Gemini, just to be stalled in a sign where his energy is low. Asteroid Hekate joins him there, offering her unique guidance to light the path: Desires become pathological when they are out of step with the responsibility of living in harmony with natural cycles.

As the Moon transits 10° Aquarius, it gathers power of Mars 10° Cancer sextile Prometheus℞ 10° Virgo, and carries it directly to Eros… who is moments away from his exact opposition with Lilith at 10° Leo.

Lilith is the mean lunar apogee, the point in the Moon’s orbit that is farthest from Earth. A dark spot in deep space named after the first female human, the wild one that came before Eve. And without a body, Lilith embodies the aspect of femininity which cannot be domesticated and faces persecution for it. She is unfortunately ubiquitously reduced to themes of sex and sexuality precisely because most people can not overcome the strength of taboo against the full reality of true female nature. Sex is usually the only part that modern people are actually comfortable acknowledging. This is why you can find many references to Priapus as the identity of the mean lunar perigee, a childish caricature which I have never accepted. Lilith is the lived experience of wild untamed feminine darkness as we experience it in societies and cultures that have their origins in Abrahamic traditions, and the opposite of that is not some minor Greek boner god, he just isn’t worthy of having his name on the axis of lunar apsis.

But it is of course worthy of mention that Eros himself is transiting the mean lunar perigee, opposite Lilith, supported by the masculine Prometheus and Mars, who themselves are receiving support from the maiden, mother, and crone.
And the Moon, as close to Earth as it can be, making this an incredible moment to ask ourselves an important question.

There are countless situations where people have to deal with a perpetual obstacle in their life, due to health, finances, relationships, or any combination of negative circumstances that they don’t have the power to change. After using up all their effort to get through the day with these obstacles, desires and dreams go on the back burner. After months or years of making this sacrifice, they stop thinking about what they really want out of life. Because it doesn’t matter.

If this describes you, April 14th-16th will be a deeply meaningful time to journal about what you really want.


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