Eros Square the Lunar Nodes

*Planetary Clarity’s Eros in Aquarius 2023 Journal Guide is available for the week of April 2nd – April 9th*

Asteroid Eros entered Aquarius on March 24th. His first major transit is T-square to the north and south lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, exact to the true nodes April 2nd and the mean nodes on April 4th. This shows us that we are being challenged to understand how our desires have compelled us towards, and/or prohibited us from, our destinies.

*The quincunx between Mars and Eros is within one degree orb from March 7th to April 24th. It is the defining aspect of Part One of Planetary Clarity’s Eros in Aquarius 2023 series.*
Read Eros Enters Aquarius for more about Mars in Cancer quincunx Eros.

On April 7th, Eros is T-square to Mercury conjunct the north node in Taurus opposite Moon conjunct the south node in Scorpio.
The same day, Venus in Taurus opposes Psyche℞ in Scorpio.

Since Eros is unable to access his courage from Mars, squaring the lunar nodes without any kind of support may result in a lot of inner turmoil that gets riled up because it doesn’t have an outlet. Pay attention to the specific frustrations/obsessions that arise during the first week of April… they may not be things related to the major frustrations/obsessions that already take up most of our time. They may be unexpected thoughts of something special from the past that was lost, or a forgotten plan for the future that was discarded.

Mercury enters Taurus on April 3rd, crossing the true/mean lunar nodes on April 5th/6th. And what better time to start a new journal than Mercury transiting conjunct the north node. (April 5th is also the Libra Full Moon.)

Then, on April 7th, “support” for Eros in the form of some very tough love arrives, with the Moon opposing Mercury, joining the Eros/lunar nodes T-square, which is a challenge, but it gives us an outlet to process what this transit brings up.

Throughout April 7th/8th the Scorpio Moon transits conjunct the south node, square Eros, opposite Mercury, Juno, and Uranus in Taurus, then conjunct Psyche℞ and opposite Venus- all of these planets and asteroids make intimate contact with Eros during his transit through Aquarius and will feature prominently in our journey. The Moon’s transit through Scorpio will be a ripe time to journal about our longings and inhibitions, exploring honestly our hopes and fears about who we once were, and who we still want to become.

Eros in Aquarius


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