Eros in Aquarius 2023

One of the most-talked about astrological events of 2023 is Pluto entering Aquarius on March 23rd. Joining him at Zero Aquarius the very next day on March 24th is asteroid Eros, beginning a unique quest that Planetary Clarity will explore in-depth for the rest of the year.

This exploration builds on my body of work you can find here on Planetary Clarity. My main focus has been Venus and the journey of Inanna represented in the Venus cycle. I have also done extensive research on asteroid Psyche and her relationships with Eros and Venus.

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Eros/Cupid is the son of Aphrodite/Venus.

Eros is most often reduced to the keywords of eroticism and sexual desire. But at what point in the story of Eros is he a competent lover? He shot himself with his own arrow accidentally, he was overwhelmed by Psyche, and he refused to engage openly in sacred union. He hid himself while Psyche did all the work to make the relationship happen. How did he get this reputation as the asteroid of lust or romance?

In a more honest world, Eros would be reduced to keywords of shyness or hesitation. It seems to be inherent to the human condition, one way or another, that we are afraid that we are who we are. What is the reason we create boundaries around the most vulnerable parts of ourselves? It could be, fear of our rare and irreplaceable beauty being mishandled, or it could be fear that we are hideous and unworthy.

Eros is repressed for individuals who live in complete denial of the existence of both of these fears- and I think it’s common for people who are engaging honestly with their emotions to juggle both. It’s not a contradiction. It’s a paradox that our culture actively encourages us to ignore at every stage of our development. When your Eros is repressed and denied, your self image requires you to create a world where everything is special, everything is beautiful, and life is only sexy fun… or, you believe that nothing is special, nothing is beautiful, and life is only pain. It may seem like one is better than the other, but sacred union isn’t possible in either of those worlds.

Let’s reconnect with the special parts of ourselves we have lost touch with, forgotten, or maybe have never even seen before. Let’s learn to be honest about the things we love and hate about ourselves, and address the ways we have projected them into attitudes and obsessions that perpetuate our isolation and addictions. Eros in Aquarius 2023: the key to opening the flow of passion for living, and making intimate contact with our own inalienable reason for existing.

This is the directory of articles for Planetary Clarity’s deep dive into the 2023 transit of Eros in Aquarius, listed with the date that the article will be published. On that day, a link to the article will appear here. Bookmark this page for future reference or sign up through wordpress to be notified by email about new articles on Planetary Clarity.

All images below are credited to Bridge and Elizabeth Beardslee.

Part One:

Eros Enters Aquarius

Eros Square the Lunar Nodes (April 2nd)

Eros Opposite Lilith (April 9th)

Eros Trine Venus in Gemini (April 16th)

Part Two

Eros T-square Sun/Uranus opposite Psyche Rx (April 30th)

Sagittarius Full Moon (May 28th)

Eros Square Mercury/Sedna (June 4th)

Eros Enters Pisces (June 11th)

Part Three

Eros Station Retrograde (June 25th)

Eros Rx Opposite Mars/Athena (July 2nd)

Part Four

Venus Station Retrograde (July 16th)

Eros Rx Opposite Mercury (July 23rd)

Eros Rx Opposite Lilith, T-square to Uranus (July 30th)

Eros Rx Square Psyche -and- Leo New Moon (August 13th)

Eros Rx Square Jupiter (August 20th)

Eros Rx Opposite Juno (August 30th)

Eros Rx Trine Mars (September 6th)

Part Five

Eros trine Sun/Athena in Libra (September 27th)

Eros Trine Mercury in Libra (October 4th)

Eros T-square to Sun/Mars Opposite Jupiter Rx (October 25th)

Eros 3rd and Final Square to Uranus (November 8th)

Eros Sextile Mercury in Sagittarius (November 22nd)

Eros Trine Venus in Libra (November 29th)


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