New Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter

March 2nd, 2022: As Jupiter approaches Neptune, the New Moon approaches Jupiter, washed in the sea of Pisces, godlike priests, down soaking in the dark and deep, dreaming the dawn of spring, making all things feel as urgent as they are unreal.

The energies of this moment are dominated by Venus and Mars traveling together in Capricorn (the stakes are high…). Since Venus is still picking up speed after stationing direct, she more closely matches the pace of Mars, which extends their exact conjunction for the entire duration of the Sun’s transit through Pisces. During the New Moon in Pisces, Venus and Mars join Pluto in his trine to the north node (…Russian Roulette).

Asteroid soulmates Psyche and Eros crash the party, robbing the rich to feed the poor: Eros 27° Pisces exact sextile Pluto/Mars/Venus 27° Capricorn, and Psyche 12° Virgo exact opposite the New Moon 12° Pisces. Psyche strengthens the New Moon, seeing through the illusion and staying true to herself, even when there are dangers. Eros liberates the Capricorn stellium, letting go of expectations and opening up to what is possible, even when there are limits. To die as an Outlaw or to live as a fugitive Folk Hero? The conclusion can not be known ahead of time.


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