Cancer Full Moon

January 17th, 2022: Cancer Full Moon opposite Pluto, with Sedna, Ceres, and Persephone conjunct the north node, trine Sun/Pluto in Capricorn and sextile the Moon.

This weekend features: Venus rising as the morning star; asteroids Ceres and Persephone both stationing direct conjunct the north node; and Sun conjunct Pluto during the first full moon of 2022.


The mean north node recently entered Taurus to meet Sedna, the farthest and slowest moving planetary body in the solar system who has been in 3rd decan Taurus with fixed stars Capulus and Algol for over a decade.

Sedna’s story is about holding on vs. letting go. She was a victim of her father’s betrayal and rejection, but holding-on-to his boat is why he chopped her fingers off, because she did not, could not, let go. And at the bottom of the ocean she remains a victim as long as a part of her still wishes she had never been thrown off the boat. There is another entire level of letting go that leads to transcendence, and with her long-lasting conjunction to the north node, Sedna will show us what that means.

Ceres and Persephone

Ever since their previous opposition, Ceres has been catching up to Persephone, following her, getting closer and falling behind again, never quite reaching her, until now. Less than two and a half degrees separate them as they station direct together conjunct Sedna and the north node. Amazingly, the mean lunar north node is 28° Taurus exact conjunct Sedna and Ceres; the true lunar north node is 0° Gemini, exact conjunct Persephone, providing endless context in their relationship for the lessons of holding on(suffering) and letting go(freedom). As they move forward together in 2022 Ceres will be united with Persephone in an exact conjunction for the first time since 1989. Stay tuned to Planetary Clarity for more on this upcoming event.

Bear Magic Mother Moon

My animal totem for the Cancer Full Moon is the Bear, who embodies the Cancer-Capricorn axis with the Yin of hibernation (blackness) and the Yang of seeking honey (gold). Bears have so much to teach us about mothering, maternal legacies, boundaries, self-respect, and duty- these are the main themes of the Cancer Full Moon.


Of course the most major player in this full moon is Pluto, the symbolic partner of Ceres, and abductor of Persephone. The stereotypes of Pluto and Persephone as a kidnapping rapist and helpless victim are useless. “To abduct” can also mean “to move in a direction away from the center.” When Pluto abducts Persephone, he takes her away from her Mother who was previously the center of her world, he is actually expanding her access to self-knowledge and personal power, which is what sets him at odds with Ceres, who feels pain when her daughter is separated from her. But both Ceres and Pluto are equally important to Persephone’s development into her full true self. Ceres stationing direct exact conjunct Sedna reminds us that our determination to hold onto what has let go of us, keeps us in perpetual suffering. Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn sets the tone: let go or be dragged.


Also in Capricorn, Venus retrograde is emerging from the unseen realm between Earth and Sun, rising as the morning star, and beginning the phase of the Venus cycle that represents Inanna’s Descent. She will quickly become visible high in the sky before sunrise, gradually appearing lower and lower each morning, until she disappears again on September 15th.

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