Inanna’s Chakras: A New Interactive Astrology Art Project By Dia Holly Hemlock

When I originally started Planetary Clarity in 2013, my intention was to organize my self-taught astrology studies around the zodiac… However that plan quickly faded when I started this website and developed a natural style as an astrology blogger, eventually honing my focus to the Sun-Moon-Venus cycle and its correlation to the myth of Inanna.

In 2019 I re-branded Planetary Clarity’s spinoff page Tarot Clarity as a social media gallery that applies visual/intuitive semiotics to astrology by curating images based on things that resonate with the astrological transits of the moment. I also launched a new website for my original vision for Tarot Clarity: assigning an intuitively drawn Tarot card to the placements of each planet/luminary through the 12 signs of the zodiac.

I realized pretty much right away that Facebook was a very limited platform for my gallery idea, and in February 2020 the vision that was revealing itself to me at that time became Inanna’s Chakras on Instagram.


The name Inanna’s Chakras was chosen for IG because a boomer with decades of experience reading cards suddenly decided to brand herself as Tarot Clarity less than a year after I established that name as a Facebook page- she opened Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter accounts with the name Tarot Clarity. Because I only used Facebook at the time, it took me two years to even notice. I see now that I needed this nudge to expand beyond Tarot Clarity.

Around the same time I began Inanna’s Chakras on Instagram, I took a break from my Tarot project on, fully intending to finish it eventually; by the summer of 2020 I had written the final astrology article on and still not certain that my hiatus there will ever end.

Meanwhile, Instagram turned out to be the ideal platform for my vision of a dynamic moodboard based on astrology, which I hope to continue indefinitely.  

But something interesting began to appear in my Instagram Stories… a deceptively simple digital art style, like all my greatest passions, was something that “just happened” when I noticed certain details in photos and images jumping out at me and I wondered what would happen if I take that part of the photo and mirror, flip, repeat… and then just toss it into my stories for the day. I became basically obsessed with this.

Which brings me to 2021 and the creation of the new Inanna’s Chakras Facebook page, which is the amalgamation of all these things into a new creation that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Every day starting on Spring Equinox I’ll share some divinely inspired digital art sampled from the images that have stirred me in the most enlightening ways. Almost all images being used in this project have been posted on my Instagram with full credits to the original artist. There will be one post for each degree of the zodiac, and I have used the free technology at Astrodienst to schedule each post for the precise minute that the Sun advances to the next degree. Each post contains original intuitive keywords, a quote, and a question designed to create an intimate conversation. You can share your answers on the public posts or use the questions privately as journaling prompts. The 360 sets of keywords and questions will be a copyrighted collection of new original writing when complete and can not be duplicated or used without my permission.

At the time of writing these words, I have completed and pre-scheduled the posts for Aries and Taurus: here is a teaser screenshot of my work folders:

You’ll notice that these folders contain more than 30 images… besides the degrees of the zodiac, there will be posts for New Moons, Full Moons, holy days on the Wheel of the Year, and of course, the Sun-Moon-Venus cycle and its correlation to the myth of Inanna. Instead of the keywords-quote-question format of the zodiac degree posts, many of these other posts will feature writing from and, and new original prose composed for this project… in fact, finishing the Tarot Clarity project on my website is built into the vision for Inanna’s Chakras on Facebook.

When I launch the page on March 20th there will be three Facebook posts, for Aries Sun, Ostara, and 0° Aries. On March 21st there will be two posts, for Aries Venus and 1° Aries. On most days, there will be only one post, for the daily zodiac degree, so you can safely turn on page notifications knowing that you’ll usually only be alerted by Inanna’s Chakras once per day, plus at the exact moment of the astrological transits that are the most relevant and personal for devotees of Persephone and her journey in and out of the Underworld. On Facebook the notification options are under the “three dot” icon at the top on the main page- look for the “Follow Settings” option to appear on that menu after you have liked/followed the page.

March 25th is the day of Sun conjunct Venus, and if you turn page notifications on you’ll receive instructions on how to join the Inanna’s Chakras Evening Star Ascension private group for community meditations and conversation. Not much explanation is needed for those who followed my astrology blogging and already understand my approach to the Venus cycle, Inanna, and Chakra meditation. For those who I will be meeting for the first time, it’s an honor to connect and co-create with people who are curious about how to have a deeper connection with Venus. I have natal Sun conjunct Venus, with asteroid Persephone in Scorpio, and Ceres square Pluto. Inanna is central to who I am, and I am very excited to step into this manifestation of my creative process.

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