New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Less than 48 hours before the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, Venus begins a new cycle with her first conjunction to the Moon since she rose as the morning star, a meditation on the 5D Soul Star Chakra. The synchronicity of Venus at the beginning of her descent phase with the Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse makes this one of the most powerful moments of 2020. Venus 6° Gemini is trine Juno 7° Libra, a connection that will maintain through next month’s Crown Chakra gate- Juno has been in Libra since November of 2019, stationed retrograde in February, and stationed direct at 5° Libra on May 26th. Venus stations direct at 5° Gemini on June 24th.


The Underworld phase of Venus is her superior solar conjunction, when she disappears behind the Sun. Her retrograde interior solar conjunction is the opposite of an Underworld experience, blinded by the light of heaven. Inanna’s descent through the Soul Star Chakra gate in Gemini is in alignment with Juno, keeper of boundaries, in Libra where her energies are truly put to work for the greater good of all, and even positioned on the DC on my local chart, to drive the point home that we are not here to figure this out on our own. Humans are a social, caring, collaborative, creative, playful family, and this truth is the way to follow the light.

June 20th 2020: Summer Solstice New Moon Solar Eclipse at Zero Cancer, the world axis, a tipping point for cardinal water themes of matrilineal power, standing in contrast to the endgame of authoritarian capitalism playing out in Capricorn. The only exact aspect at Zero degrees is a quincunx to Saturn in Aquarius- and we will surely see the presence of Apophis in Virgo, perfectly positioned on Regulus to form a sextile to the eclipse and yod to Saturn.

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Mars is Pisces is currently sextile to Pluto, Jupiter, and Athena, all three retrograde in Capricorn, a power source for the covert boldness of standing up for what you know is right in defiance of authoritarian oppression, and he will carry this energy forward to square the eclipse degree when he enters Aries on June 27th. Mars will be seen and heard, the revolution will not be televised but you will know it when you see it.

The Mars Aries ingress chart for my location, any many others across the west coast of the united states, has Mars exact on the IC, a startling omen of something intense hitting close to home. And in the sign he rules, Mars is met by Persephone and Prometheus, both of whom bring their own epic mythological themes at the cardinal fire, spring equinox, world point of the zodiac.


Asteroid Prometheus has a powerful correspondence to the elements and in fire signs he embodies the act of theft that defines him. Persephone’s correspondence is to the seasonal aspect of the zodiac and so Aries is where she returns to her Daughter role on the Earth Mother plane.

Mars will spend the rest of 2020 in Aries due to his retrograde, and this summer, Persephone and Prometheus will retrograde too, crossing back into Pisces and remaining there for the rest of the year.


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