Aries Full Moon, Pluto, and Artemis

October 13th 2019: Full Moon at 20° Aries, Sun 20° Libra, Pluto stationed direct at 20° Capricorn, and asteroid Artemis 20° Cancer.

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This Aries Full Moon is conjunct Eris, and the Libra Sun is flanked by Hekate and Sekhmet, an axis of chaos and order, a reflection of the irrational emotional impulses that arise from the midbrain in accordance with the divine algorithm that unfolds all physical phenomena.

Full Moons are said to be the time for letting go or releasing things, because it is when we see the results of our actions most clearly, and can identify which part of our internal experience is out of alignment with what is happening in our lives. The Aries Full Moon is a spotlight on the things we take so personally that we cannot compromise no matter the cost, so the expression is usually external- we seek to release things from our environment so we can exist peacefully within it on our own terms.

The opposition between Pluto and Artemis, and their precision resonance to the Full Moon in this epic grand cardinal square is a potent moment to transform our experience of anger.  It’s common to suppress anger when the feeling is indistinguishable from the desire to engage in harmful actions to express it, but those blocks can be released. The emotion of anger can be felt fully and safely, important messages from the body for the mind to decipher.


artist unknown


Pluto stationed retrograde at 23° Capricorn on April 24th of this year, and stationed direct at 20° Capricorn on October 2nd. Joined by Saturn in Capricorn, whose retrograde kept him tightly conjunct the south node all summer, making this a very difficult year of challenges with authority and holding onto integrity under devastating pressure. This narrative will change now that Pluto has stationed direct, and Saturn is breaking away from the south node. Saturn transits conjunct Pluto in January of 2020- a monumental stellium conjunction of Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, and Ceres- and then Pluto clears the shadow of this retrograde a few weeks later.


The feminine receptive essence of matter reflects the cosmic solar logos to illuminate a universe where some of reality is revealed to us, while most of it is obscured behind the veil. The divine mother is unfathomable in her formlessness, so we ascribe her characteristics to something obvious, something we can see and feel and connect to: The Moon.

Artemis is known primarily as a lunar goddess, but she transcends the Moon. She is a hunter and a virgin, but she transcends Venus and Mars. Her ancient origins point towards a cult to a great fertility/killer goddess, almost similar in some ways to Kali, before she was softened and demoted by the Greeks, before modern notions of masculine and feminine expression were projected onto her mythological behavior. Due to energetic correspondence I feel that her presence is worthy of note in transit to the Moon, lunar nodes, and Lilith, but especially to Pluto, Pholus, Nessus, and Eris.


Moon Mission Motif – NASA

Goddess Art – Crying Silence

Artemis transits Cancer, sign ruled by the Moon, from August 2019 through May 2020. This is her first of three oppositions to Pluto. She stations retrograde at 25° Cancer on November 19th, and stations direct on February 26th 2020, conjunct the Moon’s north node.

Stay tuned to Planetary Clarity for more on the 2019/2020 transit of asteroid Artemis- an exploration of how Moon Magic translates Divine Feminine energies into the archetype of Hunter Goddess.


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2 thoughts on “Aries Full Moon, Pluto, and Artemis

  1. Reblogged this on L'actualité de Lunesoleil and commented:
    Ah Éris la pomme de la discorde, j’avais trouvé que cette Pleine lune était « mimi cracra », du fait peut-être de l’axe Pleine lune au mi-point (double carré) de l’axe des Nœuds lunaires et que viens confirmer Éris.
    extrait de l’article :

    Cette Pleine Lune Bélier est conjuguée à Eris et le Soleil de la Balance est flanqué de Hekate et de Sekhmet, un axe de chaos et d’ordre, reflet des impulsions émotionnelles irrationnelles qui proviennent du cerveau moyen conformément à l’algorithme divin qui dévoile tous les phénomènes physiques.

    Ce que je trouve vraiment intéressant c’est la conjonction d’Artémis code (105) en conjonction au Nœud nord et le plus ultra c’est que par sa phase rétro du 21 novembre au 26 novembre 2020 en phase rétro en Cancer et évidemment qui va squatter ce Nœud nord.
    Artémis dans la mythologie grecque, la déesse de la nature sauvage, de la chasse, des accouchements et une des déesses associées à la Lune avec Hécate et Séléné (par opposition à son frère Apollon, qui est lui, associé au Soleil). ‘source wikipédia)
    Et devinez qui est le maître de la Lune ?, c’est le signe du Cancer où se trouve le Nœud nord (l’axe d’évolution par excellence)
    Traduction sur Artémis :
    Artemis est principalement connue comme une déesse lunaire, mais elle transcende la Lune. Elle est une chasseuse et une vierge, mais elle transcende Vénus et Mars. Ses origines anciennes laissent présager une grande déesse de la fertilité / meurtrière, presque semblable à celle de Kali, avant qu’elle ne soit adoucie et dégradée par les Grecs, avant que les notions modernes d’expression masculine et féminine soient projetées sur son comportement mythologique. En raison de la correspondance énergétique, je pense que sa présence est digne de mention en transit vers la Lune, les nœuds lunaires et Lilith

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