Sun, Ceres, and Hekate

July 22nd, 2019: The Sun enters Leo, and asteroid Hekate enters Libra, forming an aspect pattern with Ceres in Sagittarius, uniting the themes of the child who seeks self-expression and new experiences, the shattered mother desperate for control, and the oracle who restores peace and balance.



This is a unique Leo season- for the past decade, the Leo transit known as the Lion’s Gate got its explosive revolutionary power from trines to Uranus.  Last year was the first Leo Season in over a decade without that trine to Uranus in Aries. However, this year we have Jupiter in Sagittarius to activate a new flavor of Lion’s Gate next month: The Sun transits trine Jupiter on August 6th-7th; on 8/8 the Moon enters Sagittarius; Jupiter stations direct August 11th.

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Hekate entered Libra at the end of 2018 and stationed retrograde, back to Zero Libra to meet Chiron in opposition when he entered Aries in February. Hekate’s return to the world axis with the wounded healer empowers us to reclaim and reintegrate the parts of ourselves that we split off and jettisoned for survival. Hekate completes her final opposition to Chiron on August 11th- the same day Jupiter stations direct.

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Ceres is stationing direct at Zero Sagittarius, ending a retrograde that began with asteroid Prometheus conjunct the Great Attractor. This is a moment of reckoning for generational patterns where children have to prove their love with obedience, which produces the belief that we deserve to be punished for following our own dreams, because by doing so, we are not following orders.

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